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Stirling Ranges National Park, Western Australia 2023

Date: 20th March 2023

Travelled: 140 kms from Borden to Albany in Western Australia   

Visited:  Bluff Knoll, Stirling Ranges National Park  

Stayed: Emu Point CP, $40 pn, S34.99738, E117.94204  

Budget: days @ $ per day

Another quiet evening passes, this time in Borden. We hear a strange whine about 7 am which we eventually ascertain to be the machinery at the giant silos commencing doing what they do.

As usual Pam is keen for a walk and we do an extensive lap of anything that appears interesting in Borden. With respect to the people of Borden who we thank for a free night, thereโ€™s not too much.

The community facilities at Borden are a little overwhelming, when you consider the population is only about 300. But people out here think nothing of travelling 50 kms to use a great facility. Time wise itโ€™s like crossing from one suburb to another in Sydney or Melbourne.

We also found a Kangaroo refuge area, where injured and orphaned kangaroos are cared for. Urban Australians like us donโ€™t get up close to many red kangaroos and we found it a very interesting experience.

We say goodbye to our caravan towing neighbours, turning south for the Stirling Ranges National Park. 40 kms later the ranges rise out of the flat landscape that surrounds them.

Once again we cough up $8 for a day pass and drive into the park turning for Bluff Knoll.

Weโ€™ve done our usual minimal research. The Bluff Knoll track is 3.1 kms in length rising about 700 metres, itโ€™s graded as a 4. The guide states to allow 3-4 hours, so it sounds achievable.

We found it to be a real slog. 2.5 of the 3.1 kms where uneven steps many formed only by rock stabs or timber and gravel rises. It was hard work and Iโ€™ll admit a bit of a struggle.

However the views from the summit were spectacular. We soon forgot our sore legs and wandered around the top of Bluff Knoll absorbing the panorama.

The walk back down was a lot more relaxed giving us time to take in the parkโ€™s flora and views. The bottle brush and banksia were putting on a display.

We arrive back at the Jayco feeling a touch worn out. The perks of a motorhome, we have a shower, change our cloths and enjoy a cool drink.

Our original plans to spend the night in Porongurup and doing another walk tomorrow are now out the window, so we drive on to Albany and find a CP at Emu Point. It will be early to bed tonight.

Michael + Pam

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