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Borden, Western Australia. 2023

Date: 19th March 2023

Travelled: 245 kms from Hopetoun to Borden in Western Australia ย ย 

Visited:ย  Fitzgerald National Park, Ravensthorpe and Ongerup ย 

Stayed: Borden Oval, free, S34.07245, E118.26129ย ย 

Budget: days @ $ per day

Leaving Hopetoun on the Ravensthorpe Road we turn left into the Fitzgerald National Park. Several kms later we cross the wetland at Culham Beach and enter the Fitzgerald National Park.

The Fitzgerald NP follows the coast for more than 100 kms but access from the east via Hopetoun is blocked about 20 kms into the park. To access the western side of the park you must enter via Bremer Bay. That a 300+ km drive around via Ranensthorpe. So weโ€™ll end up missing the western end of the park.

Anyway our drive through the Eastern Fitzgerald, was well worth the $8 entry fee and the drive.

As weโ€™ve travelled Western Australiaโ€™s NPs we have been amazed by the variation in the flora.

I give Pam a shake and suggest she keeps an eye out for camels. Being on camel watch is very tiring apparently and Pam returns to nod. If they had a warning sign for Swarovski shops Iโ€™m sure she could maintain some interest.

We roll into Ravensthorpe fill with fuel, clean some dead bugs off the windscreen and drive up to the silos for some photos. The banksia flower is the subject of the artwork. One side the banksia in spring the other side in autumn. Not in the traditional style but we liked it.

Back on the road once again we stop at Ongerup as instructed by Johannes. Unfortunately the museum was closed, but we needed a leg stretch so we did a lap around the village taking a couple of photos before continuing on. On re-reading Johannes notes perhaps it was pass through Ongerup.

Borden, Shire Of Gnowangerup, Western Australia, Australia

Half an hour later we roll into Borden. These days itโ€™s just a village but it still manages a pub, school and a magnificent sport complex. Thereโ€™s an unofficial stop next to the sporting complex so we find a spot in the shade before being joined by two caravans.

That was our dayโ€ฆ

Michael + Pam

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