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Inspiration for our motorhome travels originated with the following websites:

An English couple Jay and Julie and their travels, ourtour.co.uk

Another English couple, Barry and Margaret who manage a huge website regarding motorhome and other travels with links to many other useful sites, magbaztravels.com

Our Bumble is another outstanding blog.  Craig and Joanne find some really interesting places and have a knack for finding wildcamping sites, ourbumble.com

Some other Australians couples who regularly post their adventures, whilst travelling by motorhome are:

Jenny and Ewout

Mark and Bev

Mark and Muriel

Vaughan and Jayne

If your touring the Peloponnese you may find this link interesting:

Jennifer Jones’ Picturesque Peloponnese

Our trip along the Midi-Canal in 2014 was using a hired penichette from Locaboat.

Click the following link to download our 2014-2019 POI’s as a csv file.  It details all of our overnight stops, csv files are suitable for upload to a Garmin GPS.

MPG Travels 2014-2019

Our river cruise on the Rhein River in 2016 was sourced though Stip Reizen , a Dutch discount travel agency.

Our trip to India in 2018 was booked through TripaDeal, an Australian discount travel agency.

Before touring Italy in 2018, we found a detailed list titled ‘The Best Italian Villages’, I transposed the list into Google and used it extensively as we toured.  This google link should take you there…


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