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Tamworth, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 2nd June 2020

Travelled: 161 kms from Muswellbrook to Tamworth in the North-West Region of New South Wales  

Visited: Tamworth 

Stayed: Big 4 Caravan Park $40 all services. S31.09979, E150.93782 

Budget: NA

Driving north from Muswellbrook following the New England Highway we soon drive down into the Scone Valley. Noted for breeding thoroughbred horses we pass several large thoroughbred complexes including Emerites. Mind you we see very few horses, so we presume there all rugged up and in their stables.

We pass another very long train load of coal on its way to China or India.

The two hour drive to Tamworth passes quickly. Thereโ€™s very little traffic, on the final 60 kms from Willow Tree to Tamworth, we pass only a couple of cars and trucks. We have rung ahead and booked into the Big 4 as itโ€™s the closest to the centre of town and an easy walk.

On arrival it appears as though we have arrived at plague central. The curt lady at the desk gives us a 10 minute briefing on Covid policy and procedures, then gives us a very long winded declaration to complete and sign, witnessed by a JP. Not quite the friendly welcome and handshake from Freddie back in Muswellbrook.

Feeling very safe at the Big 4. Itโ€™s actually a very well organised and tidy.

Itโ€™s mid-afternoon when we head off to explore Tamworthโ€™s city centre. Somewhere handy for dinner tonight will be a bonus.

Some short soup and sweet and sour pork may be nice on a cold evening in Tamworth.

Tamworthโ€™s Peel Street, would be familiar to most Australians as itโ€™s featured every January when the Country Music Festival begins. Lots of shops to explore with the odd shopping arcade here and there. Our afternoons walk becomes a lot warmer once we find the Kathmandu shop and make an emergency beanie purchase.

The sun has set by the time we walk back to the Big 4. A shower and drink later Pam decide a takeaway from the Dragon Palace would be best. A quick game of the Biggest Loser and Iโ€™m walking up to get dinner. Half way through dinner we get a FaceTime call from Mark and Muriel in Melbourne. They also have a motorhome in Europe so we chat on for 30 minutes complaining about the Covid19 lockdowns. They are off to explore NSW by caravan so we hope to catch up with them in Sydney in a few weeks.

The remainder of the Chinese meal goes into the fridge for whenever and we call it a night.

Another cold start to the day.

Itโ€™s morning and time to find coffee, the only place within cooee is Maccas. The coffee is pretty good and we set off to do the Peel River Walk. The local council have done a wonderful job of developing the river bank and we really enjoyed the walk.

Pam loves her colourbond.

Itโ€™s midday as we make our way back to the Big 4 for the final time. We service the Winnebago and say goodbye to Tamworth. It really has been an enjoyable place to visit, mind you some double digit temperatures would have made it even better.

We fill the Winnebago with $1.11 diesel as we head out of Tamworth on the Fossickers Way for Bingara.

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