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Covid Travels, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 1st June 2020

Travelled: 395 kms from Taren Point (via Nelson Bay) to Muswellbrook in the Upper Hunter region of New South Wales  

Visited: Muswellbrook

Stayed: Riverside Caravan Park $30 all services. S32.26773, E150.88564 

Budget: NA

Like many people the pandemic has played havoc with our travel plans for 2020. Spending April motorhoming in Japan gone till next year and our flight to England due to depart today (1st June) cancelled by the airline a fortnight ago.

Australia has weathered the Corona Virus well compared with most countries. The lockdown and isolation a necessary inconvenience for the last 8 weeks. We donโ€™t know anyone who has been ill in our circle of friends and neighbours or any Covid19 cases in the Shire. Thankfully the state government has decided to relax some of the current restrictions and we can travel freely within New South Wales as from today.

Facing our first winter in Australia for 8 years we thought a road trip was in order. Initially we intended taking our car, then we thought we should investigate hiring a motorhome. Apollo Motorhomes is just down down the road so we popped down to get a quote. I should add there are currently hundreds of motorhomes parked in and around their depot in Caringbah. Anyway you can currently hire a motorhome for half the normal hire rate.

We then get a call from Dave and Jenny (Pams sister) offering use of their motorhome , so our road trip commences.

Just an interesting photo of the bikes taken through the Golfโ€™s sunroof. Ignore my ear if possible.

In post covid Sydney, itโ€™s an easy 3 hours drive to Nelson Bay. There is little traffic and we scoot north along the freeway. We lunch with Jenny and Dave, get some advice on their Winnebagoโ€™s idiosyncrasies (every motorhome has a few) and say our goodbyes.

Didnโ€™t really expect a traffic jam in Maitland but it was a corker. It took 15 minutes to get through this round-about.

It was sunset as we finally drove into Muswellbrook. We managed a quick stop at the Aldi before getting the Winnebago parked up at the camping area. Too late and cold for any sightseeing, we do a bit more unpacking and settling in before walking a 100 metres down to the Workers Club for dinner and drinks.

The nice lady in the restaurant suggest the $12 beer and burger special. Obviously she has recognised our pensioner status. The burger is big enough to give a 150kg miner indigestion and the beer and wine ice cold though you wouldnโ€™t need a fridge tonight.

Our pitch as the English would say.

Wish I had put a beanie in the bag.

So with a coffee in mind we head of to explore Muswellbrook.

So we have an excellent coffee and continue our walk. Pam likes a full hour and/or 6 kms before she considers it a proper walk. The are a surprising number of hills in Muswellbrook or perhaps we just walked up the same one several times.

A coal train slowly rumbles its way across Bridge Street in Muswellbrook. It takes almost 5 minutes to pass.

It almost 11 by the time we return to the Winnebago, say goodbye to our host Freddy and drive out the gate for Tamworth.

Michael + Pam

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