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Back to Oz, England 🇬🇧 2019

Date: 10-11th October 2019 

Travelled: 155 kms from Portsmouth to Southbourne both in West Sussex 

Visited: nowhere  

Stayed: Caravan and Camping Club, Southbourne, £34pn reduced to £23 with member discount.

Budget: We never include these final days in the budget, Pam closed the budget spreadsheet on the 9th, which I will post on return.  

Safely back in Blighty, the weather is living up to the name.

We arrived in Portsmouth to sunshine. Had a catch up dinner with family before driving back down to Bosham to pick up our bags. I had a chat with our mechanic and the motorhome service company at the storage facility to schedule some work on the Hymer in our absence. I spread this work a couple of months apart to keep the batteries charged at regular intervals.

Map of Southbourne, the icon on our parking spot 

I had planned on washing the Hymer today before it goes into storage tomorrow, but there seems little point today as the weather has turned to rain.

So we sit in this Caravan and Camping Club site in Southbourne with little to do, other than watch the rain. Pam has run a couple of loads of washing through and we have cleaned the interior thoroughly.

Some statistics of our motorhome travels in 2019

We spent 3 days travelling through England to Holyhead (Dublin Ferry), in doing so travelled 596 kms.

We spent 35 days in Ireland, stopping overnight in 30 different locations, in doing so travelled 3475 kms.

We spent 34 days in Portugal, stopping overnight in 26 different locations, in doing so travelled 2387 kms.

We spent 12 days in Morocco, stopping overnight in 6 different locations, in doing so travelled 1679 kms.

We spent 34 days in Spain, stopping overnight in 24 different locations, in doing so travelled 3159 kms.

Budget Summary

The big 4…

Fuel €1676

Ferries €1945

Entertainment €2265

Groceries €2251

So the Hymer goes into storage tomorrow (Saturday 12th) and we fly out of Heathrow later in the evening. Thanks for taking an interest in our travels this year.

Michael and Pam

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