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Lake King, Western Australia 2023

Date: 19th March 2023

Travelled: 130 kms from Wave Rock to Lake King in Western Australia   

Visited:  Lake King  

Stayed: Lake King CP, $28, S33.08404, E119.68832  

Budget: days @ $ per day

After walking the Wave Rock Circuit one last time, we pack up the Jayco and ready ourselves for the road. We drive in Hyden fill with fuel at the depot for $1.86 do a quick shop at the supermarket then continue east for Lake King.

The drive is a little uninspiring mostly stubble and grain bunkers for 130 kms.

Why Lake King, well why not. The reviews of the pub are good adding to our resolve. We could have taken a short cut south to Newdegate, but we werenโ€™t sure of the road conditions so we thought Lake King sound nice.

Lake King, Shire Of Lake Grace, Western Australia, Australia

By the time weโ€™ve stopped for coffee on the way we arrive in Lake King in time for a late lunch. Finding a spot in the CP our neighbours are from Marulan, near Goulburn, so we chat as you do and we end up having dinner at the pub with Sandra and Tom later that evening.

Itโ€™s a leisurely afternoon with a walk around the village. In the late afternoon the CP fills mostly with workers who use it as there accommodation.

Whilst we enjoyed the company of our neighbours at the pub for dinner the food was just basic pub grub, so no bonus points.

Next morning we walk off determined to find Lake King. We do find the Lake King goods shed and farmerโ€™s machinery museum. The machinery museum is right up my alley. The ingenuity of Western Australian farmerโ€™s to create what they needed from what they had or could afford is amazing.

Obviously were not going to catch a look at King Lake exploring King Lake. Back at the Jayco we have breakfast, pack up the Jayco and drive off to find Lake King. Some 10 kms west of King Lake the terrain drops and flattens out. Looks like weโ€™ve found King Lake.

So that was King Lake, the emu was the highlight. The road from King Lake to Grace Lake is dead straight for 120 kms, except for a dog leg as it passes through Newdegate. But thatโ€™s tomorrows post.

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