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Wagin, Western Australia 2023

Date: 20-21 April 2023

Travelled: 245 kms from Lake King to Wagin in Western Australia   

Visited:  Newdegate and Wagin  

Stayed: Wagin RV Stop, $10, S33.30524, E117.33526  

Budget: days @ $ per day

Having finally found Lake King we move along on the seemingly dead straight road towards Lake Grace. Not the most interesting drive, the first 60 kms to Newdegate straight as an arrow.

Our arrival in Newdegate is timed to catch the solar eclipse, but itโ€™s not our only reason for coming this way We find ourselves a parking spot and go exploring Newdegate.

Our primary reason for visiting Newdegate is the silo art. We catch glimpses of the solar eclipse as best we can without damaging a retina. The eclipse in Newgate covers about 1/3 of the sun or so it appears as we squint.

Back on the road once again we find Lake Grace another 60 kms of dead straight road later. Did I mention itโ€™s burn off the stubble season in WA. Up to this stage itโ€™s been off in the distance somewhere, but today, much closer.

Wagin, Shire Of Wagin, Western Australia, Australia

One hundred kms later as we approach Wagin the country has changed, less stubble more sheep. Signs to various merino studs line the approach to town. Wagin is not a tourist hotspot, no painted silos but it does have a giant merino.

The kind people of Wagin provide an RV stop at the Showgrounds with all the facilities for $10 a night which seems a good enough reason for stopping. The following photos are a summary of our walking and exploring the town.

We spend two relaxing nights in Wagin, chatting to our tugger neighbours and going for walks. The bakery and butcher made our stay even better. Anyway that was Wagin, time to pack up and return to the road.

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