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Lambing Flat, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 2nd October 2020

Travelled: 100 kms from Yass To Young in the NSW 

Visited: Yass, Boorowa and Young  

Stayed: Young Showgrounds, $20, all services. S34.31473, E148.31772 


We spent last evening enjoying drinks and dinner at the Yass Soldiers Club. The food was very good and we were somewhat surprised by how popular the club was on a Thursday.

There are 3 free overnight parking spots for motorhomes at the rear of the club. So it was a very short walk home.

Free parking behind the club. Pam wanted to get the courtesy bus back.

Next morning we have a coffee and head off to explore Yass. We only walk across the road from the Club to find Banjo Paterson Park. My mum loved his poems and short stories.

Pam suggested we takes some cans and bottles back this morning. I said OK Iโ€™ll do whilst you empty the toilet cassette. Never seen her grab those plastic bags and bolt so quickly.

With our $2.60 safely in hand we say goodbye to Yass and make for Boorowa. Itโ€™s just less than 50 kms but thereโ€™s lots of traffic this morning. Not a relaxing drive however as some guy in a ute attempted to pass a truck coming our way, it just isnโ€™t going to come close to making it and he gets stranded on the wrong side of the road. Close to taking the Winnebago for a drive in the canola or head-on.

Back to more pleasant subjects, we drive into Boorowa to find the town a buzz with locals doing their Friday shopping and tourists like us. Itโ€™s actually difficult to park.

Boorowa Hotel, a better picture would have required getting hit by a car.

Boorowaโ€™s War Memorial makes a statement.

The bakery is very popular and we pop in for a look. Coming out with quiche for dinner tonight and a sausage roll for someones lunch.

Back on the road again we continue on the 50 kms to Young.

We stop in a little park adjacent to the bushfire shed in Murringo for coffee as we continue on to Young.

Arriving in Young we do a quick drive through town to get the lay of the place before driving up to the showgroundโ€™s campsite, basically the cheapest option in town for the night. Looks about 1.5 kms into the centre and there is a cycle path the whole way.

A quick chat with the caretaker, we have a late lunch, then ride into Young for some exploring.

We wander the streets from one message board to the next learning the history of Lambing Flat, now known as Young. The local history seems to revolve more around local gold strikes and sheep farming, the Cherry Capital more of a late re-birth. We didnโ€™t see any cherry trees, but there are lots of vineyards around the edge of town.

Young has a long main street and lots of shops in the side streets as well.

Love this house !

After a long walk around Young we find our way back to our bikes and cycle back to the showgrounds. Itโ€™s quiche for dinner and we enjoy a quiet evening.

Michael + Pam

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