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Port Albert, Victoria ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 30th November 2021

Travelled: 96 kms from Marlay Point to Port Albert, Victoria. 

Visited: Gippsland Region.  

Stayed: Point Albert Boat Ramp, free with limited services. S38.67265, E146.69371

Budget: 12 days @ $0 per day.

Departing the mist of Marlay Point we turn for Sale. Itโ€™s an easy 20 kms along the back roads. We have set the GPS for the community pool as Pam is keen for a swim. We arrive to find the pool is closed, obviously not heated the pool is closed until the start of the school holidays or until the ambient temperature reaches 25 degrees.

So no swim today. We drive into central Sale find a parking spot and go for a walk. Sadly there are lots of closed shop fronts but we enjoy the walk all the same.

We wander back to the Jayco with all sorts of stuff, essential to motorhome travel. Strangely enough as I write this blog I cannot think, what those essentials are ? In any case we pack the shopping away and follow the GPS instructions to depart Sale for the swing bridge at Longford.

As itโ€™s only 5 kms to the bridge it takes longer to do a U-turn in York Street than to actually get there.

The swing bridge over the La Trobe River was opened in 1883. It allowed the local river and lake steamers to pass through a section of the river that had been blocked by the previous low level bridge.

We have a coffee at the bridge carpark before continuing on the 80 kms to Port Albert. Frankly itโ€™s a boring stretch of road, pine plantation on the left and scrub on the right for at least 60 kms. The only thing of note is the maintenance crews cutting fallen trees along the roadside. Obviously some storm has recently passed through, the damage is extensive.

An hour later we driving through Yarrah (the mural), Alberton (the pub) pictured above as we continue on to Port Albert.

Port Albert is a small village surrounding the old port wharf and a modern marina. The free parking area is adjacent to the boat ramp, the vista across the estuary is beautiful. There are designated spots for motorhomes but they are more suitable for cars being very short. We note everyone is parked up on the grass rather than the parking spaces. A quick chat with our new neighbours we are told the ranger comes pass regularly and parking on the verge is OK.

So we settle in.

We spend the afternoon walking around the old port and the rest of the village.

Pam finds the community Christmas Tree.

Next morning we have an early coffee and breakfast, unload the bikes before heading off to explore the Tarra Rail Trail from Port Albert to Alberton. This trail follows part of the old rail line from Port Albert to Yarrah. It just less than 20 kms return and given itโ€™s much warmer today we are glad we left early.

Ridding back from Alberton we take the opportunity to explore the cemetery. Itโ€™s just off the trail about 3 kms from town, which is now, just the pub pictured above. The oldest headstone is stated as 1845 but we couldnโ€™t find it.

Back in Port Albert we load up the bikes and ready the Jayco for the road once again. Could easily spend another day here but the road is calling.

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