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Warren, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 9th June 2020

Travelled: 281 kms from Bourke to Warren in the North-West Region of New South Wales  

Visited: Nyngan and Warren 

Stayed: Macquarie Caravan Park $28 with all services. S31.69505, E147.84006 

Budget: NA

We turn the motorhome southeast taking the Mitchell Highway once again. Filling with diesel on the edge of town, I complain to the attendant about the smell outside. Thereโ€™s a very dairy farm smell out there, I say. The old fellow responds โ€˜the Gidgee trees are in blossomโ€™. He goes on to explain the Gidgee is a low shrubby tree with yellow flowers, they stink, particularly when in blossom. They are common around Bourke and the outback beyond.

Gidgee Trees (Google)

Leaving the Gidgee behind us its 203 kms to Nyngan.

Looking at the map the road appears dead straight, but it does bend a degree or two every 30-40 kms then back again.

The B Doubles do keep you focused

We roll safely into Nyngan 2 hours and 15 minutes later.

Our original plan was to stay the night in Nyngan. However we find the main two attractions the museum and wool shed are both closed as is the caravan park.

So we walk the Main Street for 20 minutes, order a coffee and review our options. Itโ€™s another 160 kms to Gilgandra. Warren is a smaller town and itโ€˜s only another 80+ kms. The Macquarie Caravan Park has some good reviews, so Warren it is.

This helicopter served at the battle of Long Tan in Vietnam ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ณ also provided assistance in the Nyngan Floods back in 1990.

Nyngan Railway Station is now a museum, but itโ€˜s closed for the covid.

Anyway that was Nyngan, we finish our coffee and continue southwest on the Mitchell still straight as a gun barrel. 60 kms later at Nevertire we turn for Warren along the Oxley Highway.

So we roll into Warren mid-afternoon. Enough driving for today.

We find the Macquarie Caravan Park, just over the river. Soon as we are settled, we head off for a walk into Warren. Wandering the Main Street and shops. Pam lingers thinking about some jacket, despite my absolute lack of enthusiasm. Luckily she is just as enthusiastic about the Club House Hotel when I suggest a drink.

Whilst Iโ€™m trying to order a couple of drinks Pam suggestS to the Publican that itโ€˜s bloody freezing and suggests he turns on a heater. She may not have been that polite. The drinks are put on hold, the Publican walks over to the fireplace, produces a match and the mood changes (note the cover photo). So we enjoy our drinks chatting to the other patrons about fly strike and the price of cotton.

The Club House has something for everyone.

Warmed by the fire and friendly conversation we wander back home to the camper on dark. We get the campsite BBQ going and cook our dinner as we chat about our day…

Dunedoo tomorrow…

Michael + Pam

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