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Albany, Western Australia 2023

Date: 21-22nd March 2023

Travelled: 0 kms Albany in Western Australia   

Visited:  Emu Point and Albany  

Stayed: Emu Point CP, $40 pn, S34.99738, E117.94204  

Budget: days @ $ per day

We had tried to get into the Big4 CP in Albany but we couldnโ€™t get 3 nights in a row, so we settled on Emu Point. Itโ€™s about 6 kms from central Albany which is OK as thereโ€™s a bike path. To be frank with you the Big4 CP are generally full of kids as they cater for that crowd and generally much more expensive.

The caravan park at Emu Point is old and a bit tired. It looks a little like how we feel this morning. Added to that, the weather has changed itโ€™s cool, windy and we even get a fine misty drizzle.

Pam soon has the washing machine going and the clothes line is full.

Emu Point, City Of Albany, Western Australia, Australia

Albany is a sprawling regional city of nearly 40,000 people. There are several suburbs surrounding Albany and Emu Point is one of those but itโ€™s a little different. We are told there are only 150 housing lot and thereโ€™re all built on, a small marina, 2 CPs, a sports club thatโ€™s only open on Friday night, a cafe that closes at 5pm and a fish and chip place that closes at 7pm..

It was obviously once the quiet little fishing village at the end of the spit but the old fibro houses are giving way to some very trendy homes.

The washings on the line so we lock up and go exploring.

Next morning the weather hasnโ€™t eased so we disconnect the Jaycoโ€™s umbilical cords and drive into the city. Outside the old Town Hall the kind people of Albany have 3 extra long parking spots for motorhomes and tuggers. We just happen to jag one which proved very convenient to explore the centrum.

Having wandered York Street and surrounds for an hour we decide it too early for lunch just yet so we leave the best parking spot in Albany and head off in search of the ports painted silos. Apparently it depicts a Ruby Sea Dragon. Yes, itโ€™s a bit faded and looks like a project by the local pre-school but itโ€™s better than grey concrete.

From the silos our next stop is the Desert Mounted Corp Memorial situated on the hill overlooking Albany. From the carpark we walk up a stone staircase to a huge plinth carrying a magnificent bronze statue. The statue depicts two light horseman and their mounts in battle.

Apart from the moving story panels the lookout provides some panoramic views around Albany.

Anyway weโ€™ve done a shop at Woolworths, topped up at BWS, filled the Jayco with diesel, so itโ€™s time to move on.

Michael + Pam

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