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Walpole, Western Australia 2023

Date: 23-24th March 2023

Travelled: 125 kms from Albany to Walpole in Western Australia ย ย 

Visited:ย  Walpole Nornalup NP, the Tingle Trees and Valley of the Giants ย 

Stayed: Coal Minerโ€™s Beach CP, $40 pn, S34.98986, E116.73912ย ย 

Budget: days @ $ per day

We wave our goodbyes to the tuggers who surround us in Emu Point and make our way through Albany and onto the tourist drive west. We brave a couple of detours along the way but itโ€™s not the most scenic drive weโ€™ve done. Back on the highway we stop at Denmark because our guide book and Johannes says so.

Denmark is a very touristy village on the Denmark River. Its bakery claims to be the most awarded in WA, not sure about that claim but I can confirm its plain meat pie is the most expensive we’ve seen at $8.50 and the sausage roll at $7 should come with a schooner but it doesnโ€™t.

Luckily the weather turned once again and the drizzle returned. As Pamโ€™s dislike for getting wet over came her instinct to wander through the 7 ladies clothing shops wedged between up market homewares and exclusive locally made brick-a-brack that make Denmark an expensive stop.

Walpole, Shire Of Manjimup, Western Australia, Australia

Thirty minutes later we roll into Walpole and drive straight around to the tourist office. We get a map and some advice before backtracking slightly for Coal Minerโ€™s Beach CP. Initially it looks a little unloved but the sites are spacious and well spaced.

By road about 6-7 kms from Walpole but half that on the cycle path.

As Pam didnโ€™t get wet going for a walk earlier this morning sheโ€™s keen to get wet going for a bike ride. Must admit I took a wrong turn and we ended by cycling the knoll, which was an 8 kms loop to nowhere with two steep hills. The rain returned just in time to cool us down as we rode up the second hill.

We eventually found the right track and our way into Walpole for a quick lap before returning to the Jayco.

We did manage a Quokka experience. Iโ€™m whizzing along looking at the wildflowers and this little fat thing runs out in front of me, nearly going under the front wheel. I skid to a halt, the Quokka is unfazed. It just hopes a couple of metre further up the track and invites a photo opportunity.

The tourist office lady recommended the Tingle Tree and the Tree Top Walk as the must do visits in the area although she seemed a little less confident when I asked if it was suitable for a 9 metre motorhome.

Once again we disconnect the Jaycoโ€™s umbilical cords driving back to the main road before crossing onto the appropriately named Hilltop Road. Itโ€™s around 8 kms of gravel to the Hilltop Lookout. I wouldnโ€™t normally drive the Jayco out on gravel roads let alone up a steep one but the early rain meant, no dust. The Jayco is a dust magnet.

Itโ€™s another 2 kms onto the Tingle Trees. The walk and information panels were excellent and the trees themselves inspiring. The whole Hilltop drive was beautiful made all the better by not having a single vehicle come along in the opposite direction.

Back on the main road once again we drive about 17 kms further east before turning onto the Valley of the Giants Road. We feel as though we may be driving into a tourist trap but whatโ€™s $15.50 pp in the greater scheme of things. At the end of the road the entrance to The Treetop Walk.

The walk is a 600 metre elevated platform that enables a tree top view of the forest. We are told itโ€™s 60 metres at its highest. Itโ€™s an interesting experience but very expensive for a 15 minute walk. In fact it took us longer to line up and buy the tickets that it did to do the walk itself.

So that was our couple of days in and around Walpole and Nornalup National Parks.

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