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Pemberton, Western Australia 2023

Date: 25-26th March 2023

Travelled: 130 kms from Walpole to Pemberton in Western Australia   

Visited:  Pemberton and The Gloucester Tree  

Stayed: Pemberton CP, $40 pn, S34.44574, E116.02807  

Budget: days @ $ per day

We try for an early walk at Coal Minerโ€™s Beach between the showers. About a kilometre from the CP the rain starts in earnest, luckily we spot a NP information refuge. Calling the walk quits we scurry back to the Jayco and get ready to hit the road.

The first 100+ kms of the drive west to Pemberton is through NP, inspiring for a while but you can take in only so much forest. The stop go to pass through this Bailey Bridge the only excitement.

Once we turn from the South Western Hwy onto the Vasse Hwy the landscape suddenly changes. Signs to wineries, cellar sales and acres of avocado pass by. There are some beautiful homes and some magnificently sculptured dams and gardens.

Pemberton, Shire Of Manjimup, Western Australia, 6250, Australia

We roll into Pemberton fill with fuel and drive on into the centre of the village and the IGA. The village has a population of around 800 people but you get the feel tourism is the main employer. The shopping strip is all eateries and boutique this and that.

Whilst the timber mill and logging were the traditional employers, the town now has a strong focus on eco tourism and mountain bike cycling.

Once weโ€™ve settled in we go for a walk around the village for a leg stretch and book a table at the club for dinner. Its seems a big weekend in Pemberton, the CP is almost full of mountain bike enthusiast as thereโ€™s some event on this weekend. The nicest house and garden we found is pictured below.

Watching parrots out the window I go outside to take a picture only to find myself a human parrot perch. I little surprised by my new best friend I look down to find I cannot take a step without treading on a duck. With the thought of duck poo embedded in the soles of my Birkenstocks I retreat to the safety of the Jayco.

After breakfast we start the 4 km walk to the Gloucester Tree. As the lady in the tourist office indicated the first km or so is up hill, but itโ€™s an easy level walk from there. She wasnโ€™t joking itโ€™s a steep walk but after Bluff Knoll last week, a walk in the park.

Realising the Gloucester Tree was on our route, I just had to return. In 1975 whilst touring WA in a VW Combi with Graham, Rod and Chris we stumbled upon the Gloucester Tree and did the nerve racking climb to the top, no doubt assisted by a lack of common sense.

Anyway here I am 48 years later, doing it once again. For me I found it physically challenging more than a fear of heights or falling. My working career left me reasonably confident in how to climb a ladder but Iโ€™m not as young as I used to be.

So thatโ€™s it the trees done, sorry about the video I had to use a program called Clips as videos in portrait and landscape donโ€™t like each other. Pam and I wander back into Pemberton and spend a quiet afternoon relaxing. So that was Pemberton and some memories of back when shoes were optional.

Michael + Pam

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