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Augusta, Western Australia 2023

Date: 27-28th March 2023

Travelled: 135 kms from Pemberton to Augusta in Western Australia   

Visited:  Augusta, Leeuwin Lighthouse and Jewel Cave  

Stayed: Turner CP, $50 pn, S34.32316, E115.16271  

Budget: days @ $ per day

We take one last walk around Pemberton before breakfast, then ready the Jayco for the road. The CP has emptied out this morning following the completion of the mountain bike competition late yesterday afternoon.

As we drive out of town we suspect Pemberton will be quiet once again until next weekend and more cyclists arrive to try their skills on the course.

Returning to the Vasse Hwy we continue west for Augusta. Itโ€™s an excellent road in most places, but once again itโ€™s a long forest drive. The Vasse served to divide the Dโ€˜Entrecasteaux NP to the south and the Beedeup NP to the north. We eventually turn for Augusta and find a parking spot behind the IGA.

Augusta, Shire Of Augusta Margaret River, Western Australia, 6290, Australia

After a quick shop we have a wander along Blackwood Avenue, the main drag. Augusta at first appearance is a sea-side village that has expanded without a lot of thought or structure. There are small clusters of shops spread well apart along the road. The bakery is 400m from the butcher and itโ€™s 300m from the supermarket which is an old style IGA. We soon notice the locals drive from one shop to the next.

Shopping done we drive down the hill to the CP check in and find our spot.

After lunch we drive the 8 kms out to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. It stands on the most southwesterly point of the Australian mainland. Weโ€™ve seen a few lighthouses in our travels, Leeuwin built in 1896 is one of the best, at 39 metres itโ€™s the highest lighthouse in WA.

We cough our $6 pp seniors and go for a wander.

Cape Leeuwin is where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet and apparently one of the windiest places in Australia. Thereโ€™s a memorial nearby commemorating the loss of 10 sailors swept from the deck of HMAS Nizam by a freak wave into these waters in late 1945.

From the viewing point we can see islets and reefs out to sea, confirms why the waters here are so dangerous.

A short distance back from Leeuwin we see a sign to the historic waterwheel and turn off for a look. The water from a local spring was directed along a wooden viaduct to a water wheel. The wheel drove a pump supplying the lighthouse cottages with a water supply. Very ingenious, we thought.

Below some local views along the estuary (Blackwood River) as we take our evening and morning walks.

Whilst at the lighthouse yesterday we book tickets for the 10.30 tour of Jewel Cave ($20 pp seniors). Luckily as it was booked out when we arrived at the Caves. Itโ€™s a 14 km drive along the Caves Road Tourist Drive from Augusta.

Anyway we rock up to find the information centre, gift shop and cafe are all very flash. 10.30 rolls along and we join the tour.

The tour guide was very informative and the cave formations etc were excellent, well worth the money and time.

500 steps later we emerge from Jewel Cave and make our way back to Augusta. Back at the CP we have lunch and relax before getting the bikes off for a ride along the cycle path around past Flinders Bay to Boat Harbour.

Whilst itโ€™s only around 8 kms return there are some beautiful ocean views and some amazing homes built with the view in mind.

Anyway that was our visit to Augusta, tomorrow another adventure but we will be heading north for a change of pace.

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