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Margaret River, Western Australia 2023

Date: 29-30th March 2023

Travelled: 80 kms from Augusta to Margaret River in Western Australia   

Visited:  Margaret River (township) and Prevelly  

Stayed: Prevelly CP, $40 pn, S33.97963, E114.99434  

Budget: days @ $ per day

We do a final walk along the estuary in Augusta taking in the scenery for a final time.

Then itโ€™s all the usual packing up readying the Jayco for the road which realistically only takes 10 minutes. We say goodbye to our tugger neighbour who has been packing up since we headed off for a walk an hour or more ago. Thanks to the Indian Ocean our journey west is finished. Departing Augusta we turn north along the Caves Road tourist drive. Itโ€™s another forest drive through very dry country only broken by signs to this cave or that.

Prevelly, Shire Of Augusta Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia

Fifty kms later we have two options turn right for Margaret River or turn left for Prevelly.

Several pages of our guide book are dedicated to Margaret River, the region. The town of Margaret River at its centre. There are two CP in Margaret River, checking our data base both are small and the comments less than favourable.

So we opt for a CP at the sea-side village of Prevelly. Surprisingly Prevelly has some international standing as the Margaret River Pro (surfing contest) is held here. The CP is far from the best weโ€™ve seen, something of a throw back to the 1970โ€™s which was probably the last time any maintenance was done.

All that aside we check in, before heading up to Surfers Point to check out whoโ€™s in the pocket. Couldnโ€™t catch a glimpse of Nat, Midget or Gidget but this is a beautiful place..

Eventually we decide to drive into Margaret River looking to find a supermarket and do some exploring. We eventually find a parking space which isnโ€™t easy. We do our shop and walk the shopping strip. It strikes us that Margaret River is a trying hard to be a trendy tourist hotspot based on local produce which is fair enough.

Sorry we couldnโ€™t find something more interest to share in a photo. We did find a great little fish and chip place called Squid Lips, the grilled whiting and spicy asian style squid salad excellent.

Next morning we do the local walking track that follows the coastline to Gnarabup Point. Apart from the wonderful ocean views we find a cafe out on the point packed with people having coffee and breakfast which was a bit of a surprise as itโ€™s a long way from anywhere.

Over Pamโ€™s shoulder in the picture above we can see Pervellyโ€™s Greek Orthodox Church. A returned serviceman took up a lease on the land that now includes Pervelly in the 1950โ€™s. He eventually established the village of Prevelly building a Greek Church as thanks to the Greek people of Crete who saved him from capture by the Germans during WWII. We note the street names in the village are all of Greek origin. Interesting isnโ€™t it.

Margaret River would be worth a few more days if you like following the winery and craft beer trails but thatโ€™s not our scene. We did enjoy the vistas of Prevelly and thatโ€™s good enough to recommend a visit.

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