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Airlie Beach, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2024

Date: 17th to 22 June 2024

Travelled: 500 kms from Yeppoon to Airlie Beach  

Visited: Sarina and Airlie Beach

Stayed: NRMA Airlie Beach, $68, S20.27505, E148.70256  

Budget: 33 days @ $XX per day

Rather than a 500 kilometre drive straight from Yeppoon to Airlie Beach, we take the more leisurely route firstly driving back to Rockhampton pool for a swim. I chance my shoulder and manage 12 laps, the first real attempt at free style since having my rotor cuff surgery nearly 4 months ago. We had already decided on Sarina which is about 300 kilometres further north, was far enough for today.

The fields of sugar cane start well before Sarina extending across the valley as far as the eye can see.

Sarinaโ€™s continued prosperity seems to be directly related to the sugar mill that stands in the centre of town. We find our way to the Palms CP without any difficulty and squeeze the Jayco into a very pleasant but narrow pitch.

The Palms is very tranquil but a little quirky. Perhaps lost in time and space, we find ourselves in the land of fibreglass wild life.

In no hurry we decide on staying another night, spending the next day walking around, going to the shops and visiting the museum come information centre. The cane harvest is on apparently and we catch glimpses of cane trains rolling into the mill.

Sarinaโ€™s museum and information centre

Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Regional, Queensland, Australia

Next morning we make a start north for Airlie. Ninety minutes later we turn into the NRMA Airlie Beach CP, which we soon discover is actually in Cannonvale. The place is a sardine can. Bad enough in the main area there are perhaps another 50 tents and small vehicles and roof top tents at the rear.

We are lucky enough to be parked next to Noel and Sandra tuggers from WA. We share drinks and chat with them every evening. Apart from the good company the place is charmless and we wonโ€™t return here again.

All that aside we set off each day to explore Airlie Beach. The first challenge every day was crossing the road outside the CP. There is no pedestrian crossing and Shute Harbour Road is busy. In some points the cycle path is excellent in others confusing at best.

Some random photos followโ€ฆ

On two of our four days we find a cruise ship parked in the bay. On those days the centre of Airlie is chaos.

In summary Airlie Beach isnโ€™t our sort of place. Weโ€™re glad to move on to Bowen and some peace and quiet.

If your wondering about the cover photo ? Our neighbour arrived with his family in the dark about 8.30 pm, made a lot of noise setting up but spent the night sleeping in a chair outside the camper.

Michael + Pam

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