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Bunbury, Western Australia 2023

Date: 3-4th March 2023

Travelled: 70 kms from Busselton to Bunbury in Western Australia   

Visited:  Bunbury  

Stayed: Bunbury RV Stop, free, S33.32664, E115.63072  

Budget: days @ $ per day

Another quiet evening in Busselton, apart from the possum who uses the roof of the Jayco to get where itโ€™s going. We donโ€™t muck around this morning as we need to be in Bunbury around 9am when the visitors centre opens.

Bunbury Council has dedicated 11 free parking places for RVs adjacent to Back Beach in central Bunbury. You need a permit from the visitors centre which lasts up to 48 hours. Free stops or wildcamping opportunities are rare close to a big town and a beach so it seems worth the effort.

Things go pretty well to plan and by 10am the Jayco is all set up overlooking Back Beach.

Our free parking permit comes with an information pack and a chat about the highlights of Bunbury. After coffee we unload the bikes and head off exploring. The cycleways are excellent and probably the easiest way to get about.

We do a lap around the marina before continuing on the cycleway towards Koombana Beach. On the way we find the impressive Wardandi Boodja Sculpture, pictured below.

At the Dolphin Discovery Centre we get the good oil on what time we are most likely to see the wild dolphins at the beach. Apparently around 8am, which doesnโ€™t seem particularly tourist friendly but weโ€™ll see.

Next morning after we had cycled to the Dolphin Centre, only to find the dolphins were 10 minutes early today. Where told the dolphinโ€™s get confused with the daylight saving time change.

After a coffee we turn south and ride the coastal beach front cycleway. From there we turn inland and ride the Big Swamp Reserve Circuit which wasnโ€™t quite as romantic as it sounds. It was a good ride all the same.

Our last evening in Bunbury is spent at The Rose Hotel, as usual Iโ€™ve landed on my feet once again, Pork Ribs are on special tonight sounds a lot better than Pamโ€™s lamb roast. Anyway we have a great dinner and drinks.

Next morning, our last in Bunbury we get going early. As Iโ€™m doing a final check of the Jayco, I notice our bikes have had the cover lifted and someone has tried to cut the padlock and cable. Obviously someone has spent some time trying their best to steal them. Nothing damaged even the lock and cable are fine.

We decide to make our way back to the Dolphin Centre at 7.30 for a last try. Back on time today Cracker makes an appearance making the early start worthwhile.

Dolphins done, Pam has found a swim centre in Bunbury (about 7 kms south actually), it part of a huge sporting complex under the umbrella of the Western Australia Institute of Sport. Its our first opportunity to do some laps for a couple of weeks so we really enjoyed our visit despite the $5.50 pp seniors.

So that was our couple of days in beautiful Bunburyโ€ฆ

Michael + Pam

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