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Bremen, Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช 2022

Date: 20-21 June 2022

Travelled: 165 kms from Bourtange in the Netherlands to Bremen, Germanyย 

Visited: Bremen ย 

Stayed: Camping Bremen, โ‚ฌ17, N53.06470, E8.81890ย 

Budget: 28 days @ โ‚ฌ100 per dayย 

We make an early start today. Bremen is a couple of hours drive and Pam has found a pool on the way for a swim. It funny how plans sometimes just donโ€™t work out.

So we have our usual light breakfast, service the Hymer and waved goodbye to our Dutch neighbours. However whilst servicing the Hymer I noticed water dripping from one of the winter drain valves. All European motorhomes have winter drain valves so you can completely empty all the water out prior to storage. Makes sense as any water in the system would expand as it freezes and damage something.

Long story short, I had noticed the valve leaking a few years ago and ordered a replacement valve, as Iโ€™m a be prepared type of guy. But it seemed to stop and I never got around to fitting it. So we arrive at the pool, Pam goes in to have a short but somewhat heated dispute with the pool guy. There is a school group in the morning and the pool is closed for an hour. By the time Pamโ€™s back, (not in a good mood) I have found the replacement valve and got it half installed.

Ten minutes later we are on our way to Bremen again. Pamโ€™s mood takes a little longer to return to her normal happy self.

Gangs of octogenarians on electric bicycles strike fear into motorhomers.

Driving the A28 for more than 100 kms today. I donโ€™t remember anywhere where wind turbines were not in view.

We arrive in Bremen without any fuss or confusion only a couple of turns off the highway. The stellplatz (German for motorhome parking place) has over a hundred sites, everything is coin operated and cost extra. Being German there are lots of rules but everything is logical in a German sort of way (remembering Joy and Johannesโ€™ comments on Germany many years ago โ€™read the rules-follow the rulesโ€™).

Finding a spot amongst the 99 German and Dutch motorhomes, we plug into power and have lunch.

From our stellplatz the shortest way into the Altstadt is to cross the River Weser on the Halover Ferry. โ‚ฌ2.90 pp return doesnโ€™t seem too expensive and it saves walking up and around to the nearest bridge. However the Weser is less than 80m wide and the ferry ride about 3 minutes so you need to be quick to take in the view.

Our guide book tells us Bremen is the 10th largest city in Germany. It is a city state with its own parliament. Development started here along the River Weser in 100AD, by 787 Bremen was given its own bishopโ€™s seat and the city was on its way. You can read further by clicking the link.

The following photos are a mixture of those taken over our two days here.

So our visit to Bremen draws to a close, itโ€™s an easy city to get around, the old Schnoor district fun to wander and Markt is full of history.

Michael + Pam

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