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The Crossing, Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช 2022

Date: 6th August 2022

Travelled: 370 kms from Hirtshals, Denmark toย Flensburg, Germanyย ย 

Visited:ย ย Mostly just driving the E45

Stayed: Flensburg Stellplatzย , free, N54.77380, W09.39400ย 

Budget: 73 days @ โ‚ฌ107 per day

The crossing from Iceland back the Denmark (via a quick stop in the Faroes, which we slept through) was smooth enough which pleased Pam. It takes just over 48 hours to complete. Like all ferries the accomodation is basic but the food was better than average.

Its really too cold to walk around outside for any extended period, so its sitting in the library reading or back in our cabin watching a video on the iPads. In other words is a little boring with the exception of getting a glimpse of the Shetland Islands as we pass. Our phones get a signal for 20 minutes, enough time for a Facebook post and a couple of emails.

Pam enjoys the Shetlands passing by from under the radiator.

The ferry docks a few minutes late but it takes us more than 30 minutes to untangle the Hymer from car-deck 4. There were more than 400 vehicle cramped into the two vehicle decks, so every possible space had a car wedged into it.

Safely back in Hirshals we turn the Hymer for the freeway and start the long drive south back into Germany. We have travelled up and down through the Jutland region of Denmark a few times now and thereโ€™s nothing still on our hit list till we hit Germany. So we spend the afternoon driving only stopping for a quick supermarket stop and for fuel.

Once we cross the border into Germany its only 15 minutes on to the stellplatz in Flensburg. We join some 50 other motorhomes in this free stellplatz for the night. Too tired to do anything but have a drink and relax, nice to be back in our bed after two nights on the ferry.

Michael + Pam

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