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Lüneburg, Germany 🇩🇪 2022

Date: 22nd June 2022

Travelled: 155 kms from Bremen to Lüneburg, Germany 

Visited: Lüneburg  

Stayed: Lünburg Wohnmobilparkplatz, €15, N53.24540, E10.39720 

Budget: 28 days @ €101 per day

We make an early start this morning. There was a long queue to use the services yesterday morning and we want to avoid that, so we’re over at the service point before 8.30 doing what needs to be done. There’s no one to wave goodbye to so we roll out into Bremen’s morning traffic which is minimal.

Turning for the A1, we are on our way to Lüneburg. It’s south east of Hamburg in Lower Saxony, Lüneburg is about a 2 hours drive with a coffee stop on the way .

Not one of Pam’s best camera on the lap efforts. She was trying to catch a Porsche or Wolfsburg going hell for leather in the left lane on video. Long section of the A1 are unrestricted so it was a little exciting from time to time. But no luck today.

We roll into Lüneburg and make straight for the Lidl. Our larder is empty, all our Dutch this and that are finished, so we need to stock up. Pam buys a few sampler bottles of wines (trocken of course) as we need to stock up for our travels over the next month and Germany is the place to do it. Lidl done we continue on to the stellplatz.

Lüneburg first appears in the official records in 956, but it existed as a village along the River Ilmenau for hundreds of years before that. Today its well known for its swollen and leaning facades which makes for an interesting half day walk. Salt of all things, was mined here until the later 20th century. You can read more about it from the link above.

We have lunch and relax from the A1 for an hour before heading of to do some exploring.

The Rathaus dates to 1230.

Good photo despite the blond giving me a look and the yellow ladder I didn’t even notice.

Having wandered Lüneburg for a couple of hours (you have no idea how many ladies clothing shops there are here), Pam has found a little denim skirt, just what she was looking for. Our day now almost fulfilled we continue on to the Salt Museum €8 pp as it’s on our way back to the stellplatz.

The salt museum wasn’t quite up to the hype in our guide book but it was an interesting overview into the history of the city and the fact they mined salt underground here for some 400 years, only closing the mine back in the 1980s. Becoming arguable the purest salt in Europe but unfortunately the most expensive, hence the mines closure.

So Lüneburg’s done. We walk back to the stellplatz to find our neighbours van has New Zealand this and that all over it so we’ll check them out later.

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