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Mayfield Gardens, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 8-9th December 2021

Travelled: 330 kms from Junee to Oberon, New South Wales. 

Visited: Oberon and Mayfield. 

Stayed: Wallace Lake Recreation Area, free, limited services. S33.41415, E150.07094

Budget: 20 days @ $0 per day.

After a swim and breakfast we start the long drive to Oberon. We plan on a visit to Mayfield Garden tomorrow and Oberon is a convenient overnight stop around 10 kms from Mayfield.

As you know Pam is always looking for the perfectly timed picture of a passing truck and this picture would normally go in the bin. Having a closer look we realised the trucks load. We donโ€™t know what happens to old mattresses, but this guy must know.

Its been a long day and weโ€™ve driven through all sorts of weather. The GPS takes us straight to the Oberon Showgrounds where they have a campground. Itโ€™s very wet underfoot and Iโ€™m not at all sure about taking the Jayco onto the grass. So after a chat with the caretaker we find a small patch of gravel handstand and set the Jayco up for the evening. The weather app tells us it only 13 degrees so we may give the heater a run before having a night in.

From anywhere in Oberon, Borgโ€™s chipboard manufacturing facility dominates. Itโ€™s the districts largest employer. After the closure of Wallerawang Power Station it has built its own 4 MW gas fired power station to ensure supply.

Nice to see the sun again this morning, so after we do the usual jobs we drive out to have a look at the dam wall. Itโ€™s only a couple of kms from the town centre and there is a small picnic area and some parking, so itโ€™s an easy stop..

We where pleasantly surprised by Oberon, the town centre is a bustling place and there are no closed shop fronts here. Anyway itโ€™s time to head the 10 kms out to Mayfield and do some exploring of the gardens.

Not the easiest place to find when you GPS isnโ€™t co-operating. We arrive at Mayfield Gardens to find only a hand full of cars in the very big carpark. After hitting them for the pensioner discount, we used one of our Service NSW discover voucher, which reduced the cost of entry to $11.

Mayfield was established by the Hawkins Family in 1985. The original sheep farm has been transformed gradually into the worldโ€™s largest privately owned cold climate garden. Mayfield Gardens and the Hawkinsโ€™ family garden now cover 75 hectares.

Little point me commenting on each photo as we feel they speak for themselves.

It takes us less than two hours to walk the gardens which are amazing. The Japanese Maples in particular add a richness of colour. Next time we visit, weโ€™ll make sure it coincides with the opening of the private family gardens and do a tour.

Anyway its time to continue on to Wallace Lake near Wallerawang and our overnight stop. We return to the Great Western Hwy via Rydal which is a picturesque drive but the road is not the best. Arriving at the lake we find a surprising number of motorhomes and a couple of caravans. As itโ€™s free it popular.

This is our final blog for this trip as we go on to visit grandchildren from here and eventually make our way home. Thanks for taking this trip with us.

Michael + Pam

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