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Junee, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 7th December 2021

Travelled: 285 kms from Benalla to Junee in New South Wales.ย 

Visited: Junee. 

Stayed: Junee Golf Club Camp, $20, limited services.ย S34.87218, E147.59176

Budget: 18 days @ $0 per day.

Departing Benalla we turn for the Hume Hwy and New South Wales. There is little traffic and everyone is passing us as the cruise control is set on 100 kph. North of Albury we turn for the Olympic Hwy and Wagga Wagga.

Stopping in Culcairn for coffee we wander around having a leg stretch. We find a very nice bakery come cafe and get some bread rolls for lunch and some apple crumble for desert tonight.

On our way north once again we pass through Henty before stopping at Yerong Creek. My Uncle Joe was the Station Master at Yerong Creek and we stayed here in a little cottage along side the railway line on a couple of occasions. Can still remember the building shake in the middle of the night when the Southern Aurora came through.

Obviously the pub couldnโ€™t survive the changing times or Uncle Joeโ€™s passing. Our Uncle did enjoy a drink.

Continuing on we pass straight around Wagga Wagga and continue on for Junee. The weather is changing very quickly.

By the time we make our way to the Golf Club and settle in on what used to be the clubs old bowling green, the sun is out again. Makes for a very level parking spot. There are two other motorhomes here, so we have some company.

The day is getting on so we head off to the pub for dinner and do some exploring on our way.

The food was good, the company excellent. We walk home, spending a very quiet night on the bowling green.

Thankfully we are back in the state where the pools are heated. Pam noted the leasure complex as we came in yesterday, ringing to confirm, Pam is happy to be told itโ€™s 26 degrees.

Although Pam and I are the only people doing laps this morning there are plenty of people using the gym and the thermal pool.

Anyway we have done Junee as best we can as an overnight stop.

Michael + Pam

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