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Singleton, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 11th June 2020

Travelled: 235 kms from Dunedoo to Singleton in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales  

Visited: Merriwa and Singleton 

Stayed: Singleton Showgrounds $25 with all services. S32.56849, E151.16887 

Budget: NA

We finally escaped Dunedoo but not until the scarf ๐Ÿงฃ shop had opened at 10am. Pam had spotted a particular scarf (some would argue it was a magic scarf) yesterday afternoon. Once inside, Pam tried on the scarf ๐Ÿงฃ in the several approved styles, tying, wrapping etc. Somehow the magic dissipated, saving us enough for another week away.

Heading east on the Golden Highway from Dunedoo.

Approaching a narrow bridge with two B-Doubles coming the other way Pam managed this photo before closing her eyes.

Time to pull over and stop for this heavy wide load.

Damn grey nomads.

Other than the passing traffic there is nothing of particular interest in the 115 kms from Dunedoo to Merriwa. No villages, not even a villager. Itโ€™s time for a coffee and a leg stretch.

Merriwa seems very busy as we walk the main street looking for our perfect coffee. We sit down to our coffee, watching caravans and the odd motorhome escaping the covid lockdown. Coffee done, we go on to finish our walk.

We find this memorial to the early settlers in a small park.

Back in the camper we drive a short distance up the road to capture a better view of Merriwaโ€™a silos.

We push on into the Hunter Valley for Singleton.

We finally arrive in Singleton and make for a Caravan Park recommended in the app, only to find it closed. So we drive around to the Singleton Showgroundโ€˜s Campsite, which was just fine and much closer to the town. A quick walk through Coles as rain is threatening so we decide to have a night in.

The Showgroundโ€™s Campsite

Next morning we hear a few drops of rain but it only lasts a minute. So we head off for a morning walk and coffee hunt.

We also find a fabulous playground.

We accidentally found the courthouse in the backstreets.

World’s largest sundial ?

We happily wandering the streets of Singleton for a couple of hours. Pam has found herself a new pair of Ugg Boots, probably a get square for the scarf ๐Ÿงฃ yesterday. In summary Singleton has some wonderful old homes, modern shops and interesting public buildings.

However itโ€™s time to return Dave and Jennyโ€™s motorhome and go home.

Weโ€˜ve enjoyed a wonderful tour of north-west New South Wales over the past couple of weeks. Whilst our aim was to get out and support country businessโ€™, post the lockdown, we were pleasantly surprised to find how easy motorhoming around the state is. Most towns have a sign welcoming caravans and motorhomes. Dump points are available in nearly every town we passed.


Click the link above to open a Google Map highlighting the route.

Obviously the travel distances between towns are substantially longer than we experience in Europe. But the towns are interesting all the same, each there own character and different experiences to enjoy. Anyway this is the final blog until we can travel freely again. Thanks for following.

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