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Texas, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 3rd June 2021

Travelled: 120 kms from Goondiwindi to Texas  

Visited: Texas, Queensland.  

Stayed: Dumaresq free camp, free, just a bin.ย S28.86743, E151.16435ย 

Budget: 54 days @ $139 per day.

Departing Goondiwindi in the drizzle we head east on the Cunningham Highway. The Cunningham is rough, bumpy and wet. Made worse by the traffic, itโ€™s been a while since we have seen so many trucks charging along.

The 50 kms to Yelarbon passes quickly enough, even if theres are some hair-raising moments.

The rain and drizzle lift a little when we arrive in Yelarbon. We turn into the rest area opposite the silos to take in the amazing mural and Thursdayโ€™s breakfast special, sardines on toast.

After breakfast we continue on our way, itโ€˜s only a couple of kms out of Yelarbon we turn off the Cunningham Hwy for Texas. Apart from no traffic and better still no trucks, the road is excellent. The road loosely follows the Dumaresq River which forms the border between NSW and Queensland in this area.

Soon enough we arrive at Texas and find a service station with diesel at $1.30 cpl. The attendant is not only very friendly, she also provides direction to Texasโ€˜ No.1 tourist attraction.

Map of Texas, our icon on the free camp.

As the rain is holding off, we follow the direction to the Texas Rabbit Works. In the 1920-30โ€™s the Riverside Freezing Company was the major employer in the district. At its peak it processed 6,000 rabbits per day.

Because of the hard times during the depression, every man, woman and child was trapping rabbits to sell for processing. Anyway we pay the princely sum of $10 per person to have a look.

Other than chilling rooms and videos of this and that there is little we can add in this blog. There was a large shed full of interesting collectables that Pam referred to as junk…

The museum done and our knowledge of rabbiting now at a masterโ€™s level we drive back into Texas and find a parking spot. We do a quick walk of the main street. The weather is pretty miserable, we take a picture or two for posterity.

Texas No.2 tourist highlight is this lovely steel sculpture of a water bird. The sculpture celebrates the communityโ€™s resilience following the devastating floods of 2011.

Given the weather we have given Texas a try. There is a free camp down by the river, so we decide on a takeaway for dinner. The Bowling Club has a Chinese Restaurant, so we pop around and make an order.

The lady, who was very polite told us it would be 20 minutes, which was excellent excuse to go into the bar and have a drink. We end up in a long conversation with other grey nomads about the wonderful free camp at Texas.

We settle in with the other grey nomads at the free camp, I finish yesterdayโ€™s blog whilst Pam goes for a walk. She takes this sunset photo as she does.

That was Texas, back to NSW tomorrow…

Michael + Pam

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