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Griffith, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 25-26th September 2020

Travelled: 154 kms from Hay to Griffith in the Riverina 

Visited: Griffith 

Stayed: Griffith Tourist Park, $30, all services. S34.29690, E146.04566 


We hear the rain on the camper roof a couple of times overnight and wake to find the drizzle continues.

Departing the Services Club we refuel as we leave Hay, turning east on the Sturt Highway. Lots of trucks this morning, mostly B-Doubles heading west. Each bringing a wall of spray filled with road grime, so the wipers are busy.

At Darlington Point we turn onto the Kidman Way once again, this time northbound. Almost immediately the scenery changes as we cross a number of irrigation channels. Then thousands of hectares of fruit trees, then vineyards.

Did you know the layout of Griffith was designed Sir Walter Burley Griffin ?

Twenty minutes later we stop outside the tourist office in Griffith, dedicated long parking spots for motorhomes and caravans is good thinking.

Fairly Firefly on display outside the tourist office.

After getting a map and a couple of brochures we go for a walk up Banna Avenue, which must be the longest main street in a country town. The drizzle continues…so itโ€™s not a lot of fun, but we do our best.

The wet weather makes most things on our tourist list of activities uncomfortable today, so we decide to stay at extra day in Griffith as the forecast is better tomorrow. So we drive up to the lookout before finding somewhere to stay.

Weather was more interesting than the view.

The Nespresso Ventuo makes a great coffee to start the day.

Our second day in Griffith starts with the Hermitโ€™s Cave walk. The site was the home of one Valeri Ricetti an Italian immigrant for some 30 years.

Valeri had a great view.

Views of Griffith

We continue a short distance back along Scenic Drive to the Pioneer Park Museum.

The Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

Back in town we stop at the Memorial for Donald Mackay

Once again we walk the incredibly long Banna Avenue, this time to City Park to walk the IOOF sculptures.

Tired and hungry we decide to head back to the Winnebago. A restaurant called Little Italy catches our eye, so we go in an enjoy an excellent meal. A fitting close to our 2 days in Griffith.

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