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Orbost, Victoria ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 25th November 2021

Travelled: 75 kms from Cann River to Orbost, Victoria. 

Visited: East Gippsland Region.  

Stayed: Orbost Caravan Park, $34 with all services. S37.71092, E148.45395

Budget: 7 days @ $0 per day.

We enjoyed a quiet night in Cann River, made all that much better by the fact it was free. No newcomers joined our little community overnight and no one seemed in a hurry to leave either.

The morning is grey once again and the forecast predicts rain later in the day so after a coffee we head off for a walk with confidence. The lady at the information office recommended walking the levy bank opposite the campground.

Not the most picturesque walk weโ€™ve ever undertaken. After a few kms the levy bank seemed to disappear so we headed back the way we came. Didnโ€™t fancy continuing on in the long grass worrying about Pam bitting a snake.

Returning to the Jayco we have breakfast before making ready for the road once again. As we continue on the Princes Hwy the road steadily climbs and the mist gets thicker.

At Cabbage Tree Creek we turn for the Cape Conrad-Marlo Scenic Drive.

The scenic drive to Cape Conrad is predominately through burnt out forest and re-growth, mind you itโ€™s a good road compared to some we have driven on recently.

Continuing on to Marlo we pass beaches and wetlands and the occasional new set of dunnies. We stop at Marlo overlooking the lagoon have a coffee and take in the view. Itโ€™s windy and cold so Pam does her viewing from our window. From Marlo we continue on to Orbost.

The Lonely Planet recommends the Rail Trail cycle way here in Orbost. The trail itself runs for 96 kms along the old Bairnsdale to Orbost rail line. We are keen to do part of it if the weather holds so we go straight to the Information Centre to get the good oil and a map.

The lady who obviously didnโ€™t like me suggested riding the trail to Waygara, then doing a loop through the Bรชte Bolong, before returning to Orbost. Later in the day we get to enjoy a couple of steep long climbs she didnโ€™t mention.

Anyway we park the Jayco get the bikes off hoping to get the ride done and stay dry.

Less than two hours later we are packing the bikes onto the back of the Jayco. The last 15 minutes of the ride in drizzle, basically we finish cold and wet but the Jayco is soon warm.

Ten minutes later as we check into the Caravan Park itโ€™s really raining. We press a couple of buttons and the Jayco does its thing, get that feeling exploring Orbost will be tomorrow morning.

The rain continues overnight but eases in the morning. So once again we ready the Jayco for the road. We drive up to the centre of town, park and go for a short walk. Pam finds a dress shop spending an inordinate amount of time but doesnโ€™t buy anything, I find the cake shop and swoop like a seagull walking out with morning tea, lunch and dinner.

So Orbost is done as best we could given the weather.

Michael + Pam

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