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Lake Tyers, Victoria ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 26-27th November 2021

Travelled: 55 kms from Orbost to Lake Tyers Beach, Victoria. 

Visited: Gippsland Lakes Region.  

Stayed: Waterwheel Beach Tavern, free with all services. S37.85733, E148.08538

Budget: 9 days @ $0 per day.

Departing in the drizzle we catch a last glimpse of the old railway trestle crossing the flood plain of the Snowy River near Orbost.

Seems we have passed from East Gippsland to the Gippsland Lakes region of Victoria. We are certainly learning about regional Victoria on this trip.

Forty kms later we turn for Lakes Entrance. Shortly after we see a tourist sign for the Stony Creek Trestle, the road seems reasonable so we give it a go.

Three kms later we find ourselves at this amazing bridge. Constructed in 1916 it served until 1988 when the line was closed. It worth clicking on the image below and reading the history, particularly the 1964 derailment on the bridge. It is now part of the East Gippsland Rail Trail which we have mentioned in the last blog.

We have coffee after exploring the bridge and make our way back up to the highway. Continuing on towards Lakes Entrance we turn for Lake Tyers. Our database shows a free camp in Lake Tyers Beach, so where going to check it out first.

At the very end of the road stands the Waterwheel Tavern. I pop in and see the publican he tells us weโ€™re welcome to stay (I did ring him earlier) and then he walks us up to our spot. The free camp is up a long drive, all gravel with free power and water. There are two sets of shower/toilet as well, not that we used them.

Given the grey weather and itโ€™s a free, we feel we may give Lake Tyers Beach a couple of nights.

The Waterwheel Tavern is a great pub, we hit happy hour just in time. Our tugger neighbours are Rosalie and Bill, who for want of anything else to do on these grey windy afternoons join us in the pub.

Despite the weather we still manage to get some good walks completed during our stay. The views up and down 90 beach and the lake make it all the more interesting.

After dinner in the Jayco, on our first night, we book a table at the pub for dinner on the second. We bump into guess who again so itโ€™s another social evening.

I made the point of going over and thanking Kevin for our stay and next thing he brings over a pizza and says thanks for saying thanks.

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