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Bruny Island, Tasmania ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2022

Date: 20-21st February 2022

Travelled: 100+ kms around Bruny Island, Tasmania. 

Visited: Bruny Lighthouse, Cloudy Bay, Adventure Bay  

Stayed: Bruny Landscapes, $25, S43.19879, E147.38684 ย 

Budget: 24 days @ $0 per day.

From the ferry we made our way to Great Bay and the private campsite we booked as our base to explore Bruny. Great Bay is around mid point of North Bruny. The campsite is in the front paddock of a property, it has everything we need except a toilet drop which we will need to drive to Alonnah at South Bruny to accomplish.

Once weโ€™ve settled, the campsite social club gets together and the rest of the day disappears as it often does on the road.

Up not particularly early, we ready the Jayco for the road before heading south across isthmus to South Bruny. Bruny Island is actually two islands joined by a narrow land bridge.

Our first point of interest is Cape Bruny Lighthouse. By road itโ€™s as far south as you can travel on Bruny. Interestingly the road signs on Bruny generally give travelling time rather than kilometres. It takes us some 55 minutes to reach the Lighthouse. The last 20 kms gravel.

There is virtually no traffic and the gravel road is pretty good except for the last couple of kms within the NP. Approaching the lighthouse we note a sign warning thereโ€™s no room for large vehicles to turn around, so we park just short planning our escape routeโ€ฆbefore walking up the hill. The lighthouse was first lit in 1838 and decommissioned in 1996, so your trivia lesson is complete.

On our way back to the Jayco we find a pathway to Lighthouse Beach, Pamโ€™s keen for a walk so off we go for a look. Half way down we find a small cemetery with several children graves. Very sad.

Our visit to Cape Bruny and lighthouse done we start the long drive back to Lunawanna before turning for Cloudy Bay. The drive to cloudy bay isnโ€™t as long but the tar section is somewhat unloved and the last 5 kms of gravel even worse, so itโ€™s a slow drive.

We arrive to find another tiny car park this one full of surferโ€™s vans and the odd tourist like us thinking why have I driven to Cloudy Bay. We take a picture or two, watch a couple of cars drive along the beach. Itโ€™s cool and windy so a walk along the beach is not that inviting so we retreat to the Jayco and start the journey north.

On our way back to North Bruny we stop at the Truganini Lookout.

Itโ€™s very late lunch time and we stop at the Bruny Island Cheese Company as itโ€™s recommended in our guide. Its only a few hundred metres from our camp, so we find ourselves a table, order the share platter $38 and a round of drinks ($21.50). It was excellent !!!

Primed for an afternoon nap we make the short drive to camp and settle in.

An hour or so later thereโ€™s a knock on the door, the campsite social club is meeting in 15 minutes, so we get some chairs out and join the tuggers for the usual chat and drinks about the days adventures.

It was very windy overnight so we closed the bedroom slide out before bedtime to reduce the noise, which worked a treat. Another day another adventure, we coffee and have some fruit and ready the Jayco for the road once again. Once again we drive south across the isthmus turning for Adventure Bay on South Brunyโ€™s eastern coast.

Surprise, surprise the road to Adventure Bay is sealed all the way and generally in good condition. The homes are much nicer, in fact a few are very impressive. After a quick look around we head up to the end of the beach to the NP.

We are here for the Fluted Cape walk but the weather is changing buy the minute so itโ€™s a bit hard to dress appropriately. We are closing up to go when suddenly it rains, a few minutes later the suns out again.

Itโ€™s a 55 minute slog to the top of Fluted Cape, we have our eyeโ€™s peeled for the elusive white wallabies without success. Plenty of wallabies but no white ones. The whole walk takes 2 hours.

We lunch with a view across the bay, before driving back across The Neck to North Bruny once again. The Bruny Quarantine Station sounds interesting so we set the GPS.

The old quarantine station museum is run by volunteers and we get a detailed tour by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. Itโ€™s all very interesting, but there are some very sad stories as well.

Another long day but interesting day on Bruny done. We head back to the campsite stoping briefly at Bruny Oysters Barn for a dozen of their freshly shucked best. No sooner do we settle back in at the campsite than the social club call a get together.

Pam chats away to the girls about grandchildren, whilst the boys chat about the pros and cons of progressive trailer brakes on their caravans and I fain some interest.

Michael + Pam

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