Cork, Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช 2019

Date: 19th July 2019

Travelled: 312 kilometres from Dublin to Cork

Visited: Cork

Stayed: Connemara (Brittany Ferry) to Santander, Spain

Budget: 40 days @ โ‚ฌ78 per day

Our driver arrives on time and we say goodbye to the Sun House and Akrotiri.  Our scenic transfer to the airport ends 20 minutes later and we find ourselves consumed by the chaos that is Santorini airport.  We queue just to enter the terminal building, that becomes the first of several queues we suffer as the afternoon passes.  Thankfully we finally board our British Airways A320 and calm returns.

Our flights to Santorini were British Airways โ€˜City Flyerโ€™ and our return with British Airways. Apparently, City Flyer a subsidiary.  If you have a choice go the City Flyer option the seat spacing, general comfort and service was much better.

We arrive in Dublin 20 minutes late, then wait almost 30 minutes for our luggage, which to our surprise was nearly the first on the carousel.  We pay to have our parking ticket endorsed (โ‚ฌ10 per day) then head for the bus stop.  The bus drops us close to the Hymer in the huge blue long term carpark just before mid-night.  We quickly check the Hymer and load-up before heading for the ring-road.

Not wanting to spend another night near the airport we drive the 15 minutes to the Dublinโ€™s Red Cow P+R and call it a night.

The Red Cow P+R was free overnight. Very convenient for the Luas light-rail as well.

It drizzles most of the night it seems, but stops long enough for us to have a coffee and take the previous picture. The Red Cow is on the southern side of Dublin and we are soon heading south on the N7 for Cork.

It drizzled on and off most of the 300 kms to Cork. The traffic is light, we set the cruise control and listen to a playlist from our neighbour Dave.

Map of Cork, icon on the P+R

The Cork P+R (โ‚ฌ5) includes 2 tickets for the jump on jump off bus.

The bus driver drops us at the tourist office and we wander in get a map and some advise on which tourist walk to do given itโ€™s already after 2 pm.

The very Romanesque Church of St. Mary over looking the River Lee.

What a good woman !

Confusing isnโ€™t it…

My last Guinness in Ireland is done. I have become very fond of watching and waiting until its creamy head calls out โ€˜sip me gentleโ€™.

Well thatโ€™s Ireland, 5 weeks of majestic scenery, grey mornings and sunny afternoons, free overnight stops, Guinness in quirky pubs where everyone has a brother, cousin or uncle laying bricks in Melbourne. We make the short drive to Ringaskiddy and wait in the queue for the ferry to Spain.

It was very calm in the queue (we were actually having a lovely cottage pie from SuperValu whilst we waited) when 20 bikers in Bandidos colours arrived and rode to the front of the queue. It was the Harleyโ€™s V the camper cars and it was on.

Michael and Pam

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