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Munich (1), Germany 2023

Date: 29-30th August 2023

Travelled: 40 kms from Dachau to Munich  

Visited: Munich  

Stayed: Stellplatz Alliance Arena, €20, N48.22030, E11.62630  

Budget: 98 days @ €91 per day

It rained again all night for the 3rd night running. Cannot remember travelling in Europe and having rain for 72 hours pretty well without stopping.

Given the weather we plan a washing day. We’ve identified a laundromat on the norther outskirts of Munich and I have the address in the GPS.

We lunch at a little burger joint whilst the washing machine and dryer does its thing. It’s mid-afternoon before we arrive at the stellplatz which is special section of the parking area attached to Alliance Arena, the home of FC Bayern Munich. As it’s still drizzling and is a 1,500 metre walk to the underground station Munich can wait till tomorrow.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

It’s our first visit to Munich but not the first time we’ve been to Munich. We came here in 2016 for Octoberfest, which we soon discovered is not the time to visit the city. Munich is Germany’s third largest city, but better known as the City of Beer.

Next morning the rain has finally stopped, it’s still very grey but we walk off to the U6.

At the station we find a day transport pass for two people is €17. I suppose we get our money’s worth as the Marienplatz (centrum) is 11 stops later. Cannot complain other than the cost, it was smooth and efficient ride and we walk up the station to Munich’s Marienplatz (Saint Mary’s Square).

Obviously the Rathaus Clock Tower and Glockenspiel are the highlights of the Marienplatz but in reality everywhere we turn is something worth a look.

We pop in to the tourist office which is conveniently located in the Rathaus. Finding we need to pay €.50p for a map and then getting some relevant information from a young woman who served us, required us to watch and wait while she played with one of her earrings. Thankfully the earring finally fell out on the floor and she could focus on shortening the queue.

We can see the twin spires of the Dom of Munich, the Frauenkirche from the Marienplatz and it’s only a short walk to this towering edifice It dates to 1488 and I doubt I have seen more red bricks thrown at something.

Our next stop is the Residenz Museum. Paying the princely some of €14.50 pp (seniors) we are thinking Munich is expensive and go exploring.

Once the home of the Bavaria’s Wittelsbach rulers for some 500 years, the museum has 90 rooms open for exhibition which sounds like a lot doesn’t it. Well we found it was actually far too many to maintain our interest. About 45 minutes into it we work out some short cut and another 45 minutes where glad to be out.

Truthfully it’s an amazing glimpse into the lifestyle enjoyed by those who ruled Bavaria. It’s elegant, artistic and opulent. Room after room after room. Despite some sections being severely damaged in the later stages of WWII it has been beautifully restored.

Our tickets to the Residenz Museum include entry to the Cuvilliés-Theatre. Commissioned in the mid 18th century by Maximilian III it’s separate from the Residenz but within the surrounding complex of buildings. Pictured below we’ve never seen anything as grand.

Opposite the theatre across a small square is the Theatinerkirche, pictured below. Built in 1662 it’s the favoured burial place for Bavarian Rulers. It was closed when we passed by. Like many public areas in Munich stages and scaffolding are being erected in preparation for Octoberfest.

It’s very late lunch time and we’ve seen enough of Munich for today. So we make our way to the Munich’s famous Hofbrâuhaus for lunch.

The place was packed and the band had the crowd swinging to the traditional German folk music. We eventually sit with a couple from Holland, who over a few drinks become our new best friends. The food was much better than we expected, the litre glasses of beer, ice cold. Pam’s troken riesling was excellent she reported.

So that concluded our day in Munich. By the time we return to the Hymer we’ve walked almost 11 kms so sleep won’t be a problem.

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