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Norseman, Western Australia 2023

Date: 11-12th March 2023

Travelled: 905 kms from Nullarbor Roadhouse to Norseman in Western Australia ย ย 

Visited:ย  The Nullarbor Plain and Norseman ย 

Stayed: Norseman RV park, free, S32.19492, E121.77444ย ย 

Budget: days @ $ per day

We enjoy a quiet evening at the Nullarbor Roadhouse CP. Mind you some time in the early hours I can hear the distant rumble of what I presume is a refrigerated road train. So I roll over and go back to sleep.

First light is a good hour or more before the actual dawn, the sky has an amazing red glow. But you saw that picture last post, one more wonโ€™t hurt.

We have a slow breakfast before rolling the Jayco back onto the Eyre Hwy once again.

Saturday appears to be wide load day on the Nullarbor, we loose count of how many went by. Only a few had escorts so we presume thereโ€™s some rule applied even out here.

Only notice one truck carrying explosives which was comforting.

In our opinion the next 100+ kms from the roadhouse west is the most interesting. There are several short tracks off the highway many unmarked along this section of the Nullarbor. If the road was unsealed we just pulled of the Hwy and walk across to check out the view. There are some sealed roads to lookouts as well. The pictures below, examples from two of those lookouts.

The scenery is dramatic but the wind was very strong and gusting. Trying to hold the phone steady whilst standing near the precipice was a challenge.

The Eyre Hwy turns away from the coast and we return to the featureless terrain. There are roadhouses every 80-100 kms and little else until we reach Bordertown. As the name implies signifying the SAโ€™s border with WA. Where we are forced to surrender our last fresh food and a small jar half full of honey.

After some quick stops for emus crossing we start looking for a stop for the night. We stop and check-out the Caiguna Roadhouse. It seems a bit charmless and expensive to pay $30 to park overnight.

A quick look at our data base and we spot a free camp just up the road and well off the highway. Its Caigunaโ€™s version of the Eiffelโ€™s Tower.

With 540 kms of the Nullarbor done, its time for some liquid refreshments and another amazing sunset.

It was a quiet evening surrounded by the bush. Dawn was once again full of colour and a great coffee thank goodness. No fruit this morning so we head off for a 30 minute walk through the bush finding some other overnight travellers appeared to have been there for some time.

We start todayโ€™s drive to Norseman happy that itโ€™s a shorter drive today. Less than 400 kms. Most of that drive through low scrubby country much of which has been severely damaged by fire in recent years.

We arrive in Norseman just in time to hit the local IGA which closes at 1pm on Sunday. Itโ€™s warm and getting hot as the afternoon passes. Norseman has a free RV stop and we score a nice piece of grass to park on. The awnings out, the chairs are out and we spend the afternoon chatting with our neighbours parked in the motorhome next door.

This post is long enough, so some photos of Norsemen next time.

Michael + Pam

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