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Nullarbor Roadhouse, South Australia 2023

Date: 10th March 2023

Travelled: 300 kms from Ceduna to Nullarbor Roadhouse in South Australia   

Visited:  The Nullarbor Plain  

Stayed: Nullarbor Roadhouse CP, $30, S31.44938, E130.89701  

Budget: days @ $ per day

Rolling out of Ceduna with a full tank of diesel we turn onto the Eyre Highway and start our drive onto the Nullarbor. The road is wide and I donโ€™t remember a single pothole.

From Ceduna the first 60 kms of the Eyre Hwy is open farmland, but as we continue west, the country changes quite quickly, the fences disappear from horizon to horizon itโ€™s low scrub.

Just as quickly the scrub disappears and the treeless plan starts. Apart from the road trains and grey nomads heading east there is little excitement. The road side signs provide some novelty, but shade for lunch is not an option.

Pam keeps asking โ€˜are we there yet ?โ€™ I suggest a game of eye spy but that doesnโ€™t go down too well.

Nullarbor Roadhouse, Eyre Highway, Nullarbor, Yalata, Pastoral Unincorporated Area, South Australia, 5690, Australia

We arrive at the Nullarbor Roadhouse in the early afternoon. Diesel is $2.89 per litre, we put in 25 litres as the fuel supposedly gets cheaper. We have lunch amongst the truck, caravans and German tourists.

I wander over to the pub and check-out the campsite, Pamโ€™s appeared to have had enough for the day, so we check-in, finding a little bit of shade. The roadhouse has an excellent 4G Telstra service, it will be our last internet for 3 days.

Five seem like an appropriate time to wander over to the pub. There are nomads sitting in pairs, so we break the ice and walk over to a couple from Newcastle and start chatting, we are soon a group of 6. We wander back 90 minutes later trying who work out whose turn it is to cook dinner.

Sunset on the Nullarbor is something special.

But the dawn spectacular.

Anyway that was our first day on the Nullarbor, not nearly half way yet.

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