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Luxembourg City ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡บ 2022

Date: 14th September 2022

Travelled: 60 kms from Trier to Luxembourg City   

Visited:  Luxembourg   

Stayed: Alzingen Camping, โ‚ฌ21, N49.56910, E06.16010ย ย 

Budget: 112 days @ โ‚ฌ102 per day

Very overcast in Trier this morning but the rain holds off whilst we ready the Hymer for the road. There is a queue of motorhomes at the gate as the camping card system they use to make sure youโ€™ve paid, has a melt down. Eventually a little man rides up on a bicycle gives the machine a kick and the boom gate starts working again. Such is the campercar lifestyle.

We hit the Lidl as we leave town, using the refund machine to dispose of a few cans and plastic bottles (โ‚ฌ.25 each) before we leave Germany and a couple of croissants for Ron. Later on that is.

Itโ€™s an easy drive along the highway through mostly rural farmland and forest. Our selected campsite is at Alzingen a suburb of Luxembourg (there are no stellplatz), which will prove to be about 15 minutes from the city by bus. The campsite is beautifully laid out with wide pitches, probably the best weโ€™ve stayed on this trip.

After a coffee and an early lunch we set off for the bus stop. Did I mention public transport in Luxembourg is free.

So why are we in Luxembourg apart from the fact itโ€™s on our way back to Calais. Well weโ€™ve travelled around Luxembourg on previous trips but never stopped here for one reason or another. So here we are.

Luxembourg was established in 963 as a Duchy, it has a population of 600,000+. Looking at the map youโ€™ll see its wedged between Belguim, France and Germany, it was once even ruled by the Dutch in the give and take of European politics. Anyway today itโ€™s considered one of the wealthiest countries in Europe.

The bus drops us at the Gare (the train, tram and bus interchange) and we walk up into the old town.

As you can see from the pictures above, Luxembourg stands above the deep gorges created by the Alzette and Pรฉtrusse Rivers at their confluence.

Our first stop is the Cathรฉdrale of Notre Dame, itโ€™s easy to spot as our guide book describes its high narrow spires.

Construction of Our Lady commenced in 1613, taking 50 years to complete. The crypt is the burial place of the Grande Ducal Family and it is fancy.

We continue on along the Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt finding some more landmarks as we do.

Itโ€™s now late lunch time as we turn into the Grund. Our guide book describes Grund as a cafe and high end retail hop in the old pedestrian lanes of Luxembourg. We find a promising looking cafe and have a light lunch whilst watching the world walk by.

As we walk down through the Grund we find the Bock Casements (pictured above). Itโ€™s what remains of the original once mighty fortress of Count Sigfroi. Nearby we find the start of the Chemin de la Corniche which is actually what we were originally looking for (pictured below). This pedestrian promenade winds its way along the 17th century city ramparts. Our guide book hails it as a beautiful balcony, not sure about that but the views of the river and plateau du Rham below are memorable.

We make our way back down to the Gare and catch the #424 back to Alzingen. Pam is most concerned that our driver appears to be under instruction from two supervisors. Why two supervisors she asks ?

Despite the bad omen we arrive back safely and settle in for the night. An hour later the heavens open with the heaviest downpour of rain we have seen on our travels this year.

Michael + Pam

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