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Diekirch, Luxembourg ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡บ 2022

Date: 16-17th September 2022

Travelled: 60 kms from Alzingen to Diekirch in Luxembourg  

Visited:  Diekirch   

Stayed: Diekirch Stellplatz, โ‚ฌ20, N49.86600, E06.16500ย ย 

Budget: 115 days @ โ‚ฌ102 per day

Nice to feel a little sun on the Hymer this morning. Autumn seems to have arrived as it was cool overnight, thank goodness for Pamโ€™s best friend, the woolly throw.

It was a flip of the coin decision, head south to Metz in France or further north in Luxembourg. Diekirch is only around 50 kms further north and our guide book tells us it has some interesting museums, so we get the Hymer ready for the road.

Pictured above this traffic jam was 20 kms long heading south into the city, thank goodness we werenโ€™t. Our only delay a couple of minutes when this tugger lost a wheel.

Turning off the highway for Diekirch we fill with fuel for โ‚ฌ1.86 pl, the cheapest fuel for the entire trip from memory. We do a Lidl stop which takes a while as firstly the range of options was much larger than we had in Germany and secondly all the labelling is in Luxembourgish so Google Translate was helpful.

There are two campsites in Diekirch, one has a stellplatz in front. The stellplatz is โ‚ฌ9 cheaper than the campsite and has all the usual services, so, obviously we take the stellplatz.

Once weโ€™ve settled in we go off to explore Diekirch. The town straddles the Sauer River which gives the place a postcard look. Known as the town of the donkey, it follows a local legend that makes no sense to me. So thereโ€™s no point me trying to explain it to you.

Catching a glimpse of spires we find Veille Eglise Saint Laurent or the Old Church of Laurence (circa 1539). Obviously no longer used as a church, but now for concerts and exhibitions. On the vaulted ceilings and walls the remains of murals can still be identified although they appear primitive rather than artisan.

The weather is changing every few minutes and it rains whilst we take refuge in the supermarket, so we make our way back to the Hymer whilst we can.

I finish a blog and Pam does some on line browsing for grandchildren as the day slides by, but we do enjoy a colourful sunset.

Tomorrows another day, but the weather no better. In fact itโ€™s cooler today. We are having coffee blissfully unaware that the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg is going past this morning. By the time weโ€™ve taken note of the noise and the yelling the peloton has passed. We try for a photo but at 70 kph there long gone.

So we head off to the Military Museum pictured above. It just the other side of the centrum in an old factory but it looks very modern. We pay our โ‚ฌ5 pp and follow the yellow arrowsโ€ฆ

The collection of small arms, ordinance and armoured vehicles is amazing. Not to mention the field dioramas. Perhaps it not a surprise that Luxembourg Army headquarters is just up the road and the area between Diekirch and Bastogne was the focal point of WWIIโ€™s Battle of the Bulge.

Have never seen such an expansive collection of both Allied and German military equipment, it just goes on and on. Anyway we finally escape after 90 minutes.

We take the opportunity to visit the Eglise Dรฉcanale Diekirch (the Catholic Church) on our way back the the Hymer.

We lunch and have a relax before walking into the centrum and our second museum for the day, the Conservatoire National de Vehicles Historiques. A car museum. We pay our โ‚ฌ5 pp and go in for a look.

The museum is really too small for the number of cars on display. More a display of classic cars than historic in my opinion, the majority fully restored. There are rope barriers everywhere so most can only be seen from a distance or partially which was a shame.

Anyway we are pretty well museumed out as we walk back through the centrum. Pam tries a couple of hairdressers but there all too busy or too expensive, so she settles for a pair of jeans that caught her eye instead.

Our plans to have dinner out tonight donโ€™t eventuate, due to the weather. Apart from being cold and a bit windy, the odd shower keeps us in the Hymer for the evening.

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