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Kempten, Germany 🇩🇪 2022

Date: 29th August 2022

Travelled: 150 kms from Hall in Tirol in Austria to Kempten in Germany   

Visited:  Kempten    

Stayed: Kempten Stellplatz, €5, N47.72930, E10.31930  

Budget: 96 days @ €108 per day

It was a quiet night in the stellplatz (Hall in Tirol) other than me sneezing several times. It’s a lovely morning and Pam is ready for a swim as soon as the pool next door opens at 9. Pool entry is free with our stay in the stellplatz. Could sit out another day here but paying another €22 has us moving along.

Pam returns from the pool which she reports is a perfect 25°, we have a quick breakfast and ready the Hymer for the road once again.

We set the GPS for Kempten across the Germany border. The following pictures taken as we make our way through the Tirol, in our opinion the most beautiful region of Austria.

There’s a lot of traffic predominately in the other direction which suites us nicely. We turn off the A7 and roll into Kempten finding a spot in the stellplatz.

Other than being on our way, we know nothing about Kempten other than the stellplatz is €5. Our guide book doesn’t help, but apparently Kempten is considered Germany’s oldest urban settlement going back to 50 BC, you can read about it at the link above.

Kempten straddles the River Iller and the centrum is an easy walk from the stellplatz.

Despite the fact we kept an eye out, we found no sign of Celtic or Roman occupation. The fact the place burnt completely to the ground in 69 AD wouldn’t have helped. What became obvious however is that all good German’s go our at 5 in the afternoon and sit in a cafe eating a huge chocolate sundae or some variant of, that includes half a can of whipped cream.

Pam and I find a nice spot in a corner cafe ordered an Aperol Spritz and lager, the waitress points at the extensive sundaes menu and looks disappointed when we say no thanks.

Despite not feeling the best we thought Kempten a lovely town to spend and hour or so wandering on a late summer’s afternoon. Another day has slipped through to the keeper and we look forward to more of Germany tomorrow.

Michael + Pam

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