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Ulm, Germany 🇩🇪 2022

Date: 30-31st August 2022

Travelled: 150 kms from Kempten to Ulm in Germany   

Visited:  Ulm    

Stayed: Ulm Stellplatz, €12, N48.38310, E09.98570  

Budget: 98 days @ €108 per day

Having enjoyed our visit to Kempton we make the Hymer ready for the road. The service point works with typical German efficiency and we are soon on our way north on the A7. An hour and twenty minutes later we are battling the complex interchanges that link Ulm to seemingly everywhere else in Germany.

The stellplatz is four kms from the centrum and very well organised and neat as a pin. It adjoins the swim centre so gets the nod from Pam.

After settling in and chatting over a coffee we walk up to the bus stop hoping for a #4 to the centrum. Google tell us the #4 runs every 10 minutes and we wait less than that and where on our way.

So a little about the Ulm. It’s considered a university city, having a population of 126,000 plus. It stands on the Danube, in the state of Baden-Württemberg in south-western Germany. Apart from some architectural oddities the cities claim to fame revolves around its amazing Münster and being the birthplace of Albert Einstein. You can read the link above.

So the following photos and story line is a compilation of our two days in Ulm, just jumbled together.

Our bus drops us at the Old Rathaus, pictured above. We find the tourist office for a map and some recommendations before going exploring.

The Münster is immense, its 161.5m spire, the tallest in the world. This Gothic tribute to God, commenced in 1377 and took 500 years to complete. Impossible to get a good photo due to its size and current renovations.

Our tourist walk takes us down to the Fischervietel, the old fisherman’s and tanner’s quarter. It’s a lovely section of the old town cut by two streams. Numerous ancient half timber houses standing at odd angles lining the waterways serve as cafes and restaurants.

We finally make our way down to the River Danube, which essentially divides the old and new city of Ulm. Finding the old city walls still line the Danube, we take the stairs to an access point and walk the walls. The towers provide some reference points as we wander along.

Eventually (about 300m later) we find the wall leads to a series of city gardens, old town gates and fountains. Where just about at the edge of our tourist map so we turn north looking for something special.

Another really interesting fountain and gate are pictured below.

It seems our guide book makes a bigger deal about Einstein’s birthplace than the city fathers of Ulm. Being realistic Einstein was born here and left a year later with his parents, never to return. It’s unlikely at the age of one that Einstein was already fine tuning his theory regarding quantum mechanics.

In any case this bronze (also captured below) clearly depicting Einstein’s face protruding from a shell stands outside the Zeughaus in a quiet corner of the old city. After giving it a few minutes and taking in the detail it’s a thought provoking piece.

Wherever you find yourself in Ulm, all roads lead to the Münster Platz as the top of the spire is always in sight. So we wander back once again.

We enjoy a wonderful lunch in an Italian restaurant on the Münster Platz before saying goodbye to the old city of Ulm and finding a #4 bus back to the Hymer.

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