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Hirtshals, Denmark 🇩🇰 2022

Date: 2-4th July 2022

Travelled: 70 kms from Aalborg to Hirtshals, Denmark 

Visited: TÃ¥rs and Hirtshals, Northern Jutland  

Stayed: Beachside Car-park, free, N57.59020, E09.95320 

Budget: 39 days @ €97 per day

The drive to Tårs is less than 40 kilometre but there’s little point hurrying. Tårs has the only LPG fill point in northern Jutland. In fact, it’s the only one in the whole of Jutland. Located at a motorhome dealership rather than a services station as you would normally expect. Just to add a little extra complexity it’s closed on Saturday (today).

On the flip side the dealership has a stellplatz with all the services on-site for DKK75 which is a bargain in Denmark. So we find a spot which is easy as we are here on our Pat Malone. Tårs is our last opportunity to fill our LPG tanks for the next month and Pam doesn’t like the cold.

Tårs is only a small village, but we’ll look around whilst we are here.

The night passes quietly, Pam heads off for a walk whilst I do a few odd jobs. Finally we service the Hymer, fill with LPG. We buy a new cover for the scooter (the old one is in tatters) and hit the road for Hirtshals.

We find a supermarket, then a laundromat. Do a load of washing and some more little maintenance jobs. Hirtshals is a fishing and ferry port, not really a tourist destination, just a place to get you where your going. There are a couple of campsites out of town but we opt for a free car-park with 20 other motorhomes.

So we find ourselves ready for the ferry a day earlier than we expected, all our get ready jobs are done. So we spend our second day in Hirtshals just walking, relaxing and then some more walking.

So that pretty well sums up Hirtshals. Our Tesco supermarket sim card is down to its last 5GB and it won’t work in the Faroes, so we do some Facetime with Grandchildren and spend an hour on Skype renewing the Hymer’s insurance which is due next week. So nothing to do but chill until our departure at 11.30 in the morning.

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