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York (Day 1), England ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง 2022

Date: 9th June 2022

Travelled: 100 kms from Skipton to York, Yorkshire. 

Visited: York 

Stayed: Caravan + Motorhome Club, York, ยฃ51 pn, N53.95100, W01.07940 

Budget: 15 days @ โ‚ฌ142 per day

Having had a wonderful visit to Skipton a quite evening in the Hymer was just what I needed. We were asleep by 9pm but the birdโ€™s singing at ten past four was something I could have done without. Managed to have a bit of a broken kip till coffee time at 8am.

Pam has found a pool at the leasure centre on the edge of Skipton, sheโ€™s keen for a swim so we head down there and find a spot in the car-park. It cost 60p an hour for parking at the leasure centre (for fuck sake). As I cannot swim, I stand guard next to the Hymer looking for marauding parking officers.

Anyway Pam enjoys her swim. There are several other people swimming but none can actually swim, she tells everyone sheโ€™s Dawn Frazer much younger sister and leaves them in her wake.

Arriving in York, we check into the C+M Club site at precisely 1 pm, because the rules state you cannot check-in till precisely 1 pm. I hate these places and their autocratic rules. Being a short 10 minute walk to the old city itโ€™s well located and popular. There are almost 100 sites and itโ€™s full over the weekend.

The days of backing your caravan into a spot are done. They seemed to be all self parking with the owner walking along side with a remote control. Not as much fun as having a drink whilst you watch some Joker jack-knife his van or ignoring his wifeโ€™s frantic arm waving before backing over the tap.

When we first purchased the Hymer in 2013 it was rare to see another motorhome on the road in England and in parks like this, perhaps 90-95% of the occupancy would be caravans. We passed lots of motorhomes on the road today and in this park today some 2/3 or more vehicles are motorhomes.

We settle in and relax for a couple of hours before going for our first walk in York.

The village shops in Rowntree Park. Very upmarket lots of little wine bars and eateries.

We walk up through a laneway from the campsite to Rowntree Park and make our way across the River Ouse into the Old City of York.

Once across the bridge itโ€™s only a short walk to Cliffordโ€™s Tower or whatโ€™s left of York Castle. Originally sacked and destroyed in 1190 it was rebuilt, having had many lives in the last thousand years. It has recently had a makeover (2022) but thatโ€™s all on the inside. So we pay our ยฃ9 and start the many stairs.

The modern makeover of the tower is excellent. Lots of information panels and the views from the top provide a great viewing point.

Thatโ€™s seems to be enough walking for today, not feeling too sore but certainly a bit tired. So we make our way back back to the Hymer via the Sainsbury for a quick supermarket shop.

You may remember I hinted we may hit the โ€™celebrated pork pie shopโ€™ in Skipton before we left for York this morning. Well guess what we had for dinnerโ€ฆ

As I was working my way through dinner I was a little concerned how I could explain the pork pie if I was an emergency admission to the A+E. But it was magnificent and I had no ill effectsโ€ฆ

Michael + Pam

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