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York (Day 2), England ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง 2022

Date: 10th June 2022

Travelled: 0 kms just walking around York, Yorkshire. 

Visited: York Minster

Stayed: Caravan + Motorhome Club, York, ยฃ51 pn, N53.95100, W01.07940ย 

Budget: 16 days @ โ‚ฌ142 per day

Another quiet and comfortable evening passes in what must be Englandโ€™s most expensive campsite. Feeling a little better this morning so weโ€™ll visit York Minster today.

Once again we cross the River Ouse passing Cliffordโ€™s Tower and into the Old Town. We leave the traffic behind as most of the streets in here donโ€™t allow cars during the day.

Finding York Minster isnโ€™t difficult at 160m in length, 69m wide and 72m high, itโ€™s hard to miss. But a bit more difficult to photograph. The surrounding building and trees make a photo of the whole cathedral impossible with my iPhone. The picture above is merely the South Transept.

The west entrance.

If your interested the link I have provided above gives some excellent insight into the history of the building. York Minsterโ€™s proper title is โ€™The Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of Saint Peter in Yorkโ€™. Considered one of the largest of its type in northern Europe. It was completed in 1472, having been severely damaged by fire and re-built several times since then. If thatโ€™s its name why is it called York Minster ? Well it was originally a missionary teaching church on the pilgrims route, the title is now honorific.

We pay ยฃ12.50 pp entry and jump straight into a tour thatโ€™s just commencing.

From the crossover looking into the quire, the grand organ above.

Also in the crossover this amazing clock sounded the hour with the figures of Knights turning to strike the chime.

Set the iPhone on the floor of the Chapter House to get a special shot of itโ€™s amazing ceiling only to find a spoiler when I went to upload it. There she is !

What sort of morons wander around in a church with hats on ?

Our guided tour concludes at the Great East Window (above), completed in 1408, itโ€™s considered the largest medieval stained glass window in England. The window cost ยฃ50 of which ยฃ10 was a bonus for completing it within 3 years. So we wander down to the crypt for a quick look.

In the Crypt, the Tomb of Saint William, the patron saint of York. In the background a mosaic of Saint Peter. Yes it is a great photo.

This plinth stand outside the Minster. Constantine was Proclaimed Emperor of Rome here in 306 AD. He recognitioned the civil liberties of the Christian population in York and England.

Weโ€™ve made a day out of our visit to York Minster. The guided tour was free, but really interesting and our guide obviously passionate about the Cathedral and its history. Iโ€™m glad to be walking home back across the river to the Hymer. We stop at a local butcher for some lamb loin chops for dinner, which proved to be well short of what we considered a nice lamb chop.

All that aside we enjoyed our day and look forward to tomorrowโ€™s adventure.

Even the geese are tired this late in the afternoon.

Michael + Pam

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