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London, England. 2011 🇬🇧

London was the starting point of our European adventures in 2011.  For the first three weeks of our 5 weeks in Europe, we are travelling with Pam’s sister Jenny and her husband Dave.  These first three weeks will be in the UK and Ireland.  We will be staying on and off with Pam’s Aunties Noreen and Swaraj at Wildhill as well as catching up other relatives while where there.

Enjoying the sights of London.  2010
Enjoying the sights of London. 2011

During our first 5 days in the UK we travel by rail to London on 3 days.  Wildhill is a 10 minute drive to Potters Bar Station, from there less than 20 minutes on the express to Kings Cross.  It just doesn’t seem possible to live in such a beautiful rural setting yet be in Central London in 30 minutes or so.  Anyway our first day is catching red buses, working out how to buy a ticket to the underground, then how to use the underground.  We find Trafalgar Square, then a lovely pub for lunch.  What’s not to love about London.

The London Eye and us.  2011
The London Eye and us. 2011

Our afternoon is spent around Westminster taking in the sights and sounds, then back to the underground but different line going different ways.  Kings Cross and Potters Bars then the serenity of Wildhill, afternoon drinks and the wonderful home cooked dinners.  By our second trip to London we are more confident with getting around, we take in Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, fish and chips and the theatre district.

Tower Bridge, London.  2010
Tower Bridge, London. 2011
Pam and the Horse Guard, London.  2010
Pam and the Horse Guard, London. 2011
A wet morning on the London Eye, England.  2010
A wet morning on the London Eye, England. 2011

We had pre-booked our tickets for the London Eye on the net, so it was a walk through rather than a queue.  It was drizzling, but the views were breathtaking all the same.  It really a great attraction and worth the expense.  The weather cleared later in the day and we enjoyed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. An hour later as we walked towards Harrods the heavens opened again and we got a soaking.

Wildhill, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England.  2011
Wildhill, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. 2011

What a wonderful home the Aunty’s have at Wildhill.  Once a farm cottage attached to the Hatfield Estate, they share a boundary.  Princess Elizabeth 1 was exiled to the Hatfield Estate prior to her coronation.  Their home has the most beautiful garden, very English is how I would describe it.  There is a little pub, The Woodsman a couple of doors down.

More Wildhill.  2011
More Wildhill. 2011

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