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Ruthin and Conwy, Wales 2017 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Travelled: 87 kilometres from Nercwys to Conwy, Northern Wales.

Visited: Ruthin and Conwy

Stayed: Rose Hill Street, Conwy (Wildcamping) free. A dead end street opposite the castle on the River Conwy.  N.53.27897 W3.82457

We wake in the morning to the sound of rain on the roof.  Bugger we had planned a walk around Nercwys this morning.  We had a dinner in the pub last night, something we don’t often do.  Richards the licensee’ daughter runs the kitchen and the home-made steak pie, chips, vegies and gravy for two with drinks for ÂŁ22.  The rain had stopped by the time we had finished breakfast, but we decided it was too wet to bother so we serviced the Hymer and made for the A494.

The weather has changed and it’s actually a bit chilly the morning.  We had a good sleep so time to move on.

Half an hour later (west of Nercwys) we drive into Ruthin and get lucky with a parking spot in the town square.  The Hymer just fits and 50p for 45 minutes seems reasonable by English standards.  The Lonely Planet describes it as a charming Welsh market town.

Luckily the Hymer looks quite inconspicuous parked up in the Ruthin town square.

Ruthin stands on the top of a hill dominating the area, most roads from the square go downhill except one that leads to old Ruthin Castle.

The top of the town square this plinth and clock, note how the Hymer just blends into the background.
Ruthin has a charming feel of old half timber homes and business.
The entry gate to the old castle in Ruthin. The grounds are now parkland and gardens.
The ruins of Ruthin Castle in the background.
Wandering the Italian Garden within the Castle Parklands. Pam made me include it, note the vest it’s still chilly.

From Ruthin we continue on to Llandudno along Colwyn Bay.  Our plan is to find a particular fish-n-chip shop in Llandudno Junction for lunch.  We eventually find the Junction as it starts raining again.  So off we go.  I ask a wet looking woman where is Enoch’s fisn-n-chips ?  A smile fills her face and we are directed up the street.  We find Enoch’s, there are several full tables but we are seated near the window and await Wales’ best fish-n-chips.

Enoch’s fish-n-chips…with sides

It’s not a short story, but it’s humorous for those involved.  My Australia drawl and her Welsh accent.

Me: Can we have the fish-n-chip combo for two thanks ?

Her: What sort of fish ?

Me: What’s most popular ?

Her: The cod

Me: Ok thanks we’ll have the cod crumbed please.

Her: What sides ?

New Player (Pam): Can I get a salad or vegetables ?

Her: Mushy pies

Pam: Anything else ?

Her: I can get you beans if you like ?

Pam: Thanks one side of peas, one of beans.

Her: Would you like any sauces ?

Me: Yes tomato thanks.

A picture tells a thousand stories !

Full of battered fish-n-chips, bake beans and tartare sauce we drive into Llandudno.  Our plan is to walk the Great Orme, a massive headland that reaches out into the Irish Sea.  But despite the ÂŁ3 cost for 2 hours parking we cannot find a spot suitable for the Hymer.  So we fall back on driving onto Conwy to walk the bridge and wander the town.  Then hopefully find a spot for the night.

The suspension bridge over the River Conwy was considered an engineering marvel when constructed in 1826. It’s still a wonderful piece of Meccano today.
Looking across the River Conwy towards the castle and the new bridge. Most of the traffic takes the A55 which utlises a tunnel under the river.
A quick photo looking down to the old town gate in Conwy
Our view for the evening, Conwy Castle and the railway bridge. We didn’t hear a train all night ?

Michael and Pam

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