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Skipton, England ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง 2022

Date: 8th June 2022

Travelled: 50 kms from Blackburn to Skipton, North Yorkshire. 

Visited: Skipton

Stayed: Bridge Street Car-park, Skipton, ยฃ5 pn, N53.96140, W02.02170ย 

Budget: 14 days @ โ‚ฌ142 per day

With some trepidation we leave the safety of our travel insurance subsidised accomodation at the Willows. We have booked in at a campsite in York for a few days but itโ€™s more than a two hour drive and the 45 minute drive to Skipton seems a good first step. Itโ€™s an easy run with little traffic, this includes a stop at the Lidl in Colne for some bits and pieces.

Whilst Skipton doesnโ€™t rate a mention in our travel guide it is very popular in our park4night app, we soon learn why. It has a large carpark in the centre of town with ยฃ5 overnight parking.

We arrive to find a dedicated motorhome spot waiting for us. Not that itโ€™s too important as there are perhaps another dozen motorhomes and campers scattered through the carpark later in the evening.

Skipton (sheep-town in the northern dialect) or Skipton-on-Craven is a market town in North Yorkshire. About 20 miles north-west of Leeds. It dates to 1086 in the Doomsday Book. The River Aire winds its way through town as does the Leeds to Liverpool Canal.

We have brunch and a coffee, obviously Iโ€™m not good for much more than a short walk but we head off to have a look about.

First thing that catches our eye is this statue to Freddie Trueman, Yorkshire men love their cricket.

The canal dominates the middle of town and going anyway in the maze of little streets seems to require crossing the canal at least once. The High Corn Mill is the largest in north Yorkshire it was established in Skipton in 1310, amazingly it still operates today. Itโ€™s this business and the local wool that drove the construction of the canal some 200 years ago.

We have a nice view of the mill or at least part of it from our carpark.

Maybe a couple of dogโ€™s eyes for dinner tomorrow night.

We take a second late afternoon walk, this time finding the Yorkshire Rose on our way back. We order a round (ยฃ9.10) and talk about our day. Itโ€™s nice to be on the road once again even if itโ€™s on restrictions. Safely back in the Hymer we have an evening in which suites us just fine.

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