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Gloucester, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 9th June 2021

Travelled: 200 kms from Uralla to Gloucester  

Visited: Gloucester, NSW.  

Stayed: Gloucester Caravan Park, $31, all services. S32.00632, E151.95350 

Budget: 60 days @ $138 per day.

Departing Uralla we hope to say goodbye to the bitter cold, the wind just cut through my resolve to remain a dedicated wearer of shorts as part of my retirement uniform.

Pam has the Jaycoโ€™s heater maxed out as we drive out of town on the Thunderbolt Way. Australians are a romantic bunch, we glorify bandits and murderers from our past such as Captain Thunderbolt and Ned Kelly. Makes you wonder if we will rename a pub or perhaps a town after some current day scoundrel in a hundred years time.

We stop for a coffee at Walcha, it seems weโ€™ve left the sun behind and drizzle has taken its place. We could have easily enjoyed a 30 minute walk around Walcha which has several heritage buildings but the weather keeps us in the Jayco.

We continue on, the Jayco dash board temperature gauge continues to fall. Some 40 kms later near Nowendoc the drizzle turns to sleet. Then snow, the flakes getting heavier and building up around the wipers. The Jaycoโ€™s dash board flashes a โ€˜black iceโ€™ every few minutes, giving Pam the jitters.

Twenty minutes later we suddenly drive out into sunshine.

Feeling like we have driven 3 of the 4 seasons today as we arrive in Gloucester. There is only one caravan park here and itโ€˜s not highly rated but, close to town. The only other option is a free rest spot about 5 kms back on the Barrington side, which isnโ€™t much good for walking Gloucester. So we check in and set up the Jayco in the caravan park.

Map of Gloucester, our icon on the Caravan Park

Gloucester was established in 1855, although settlers lived around Gloucester some 20 years earlier. It has a population of almost 2,500 people. Still considered prime dairy country we have been waving to cows since coming down from the high country.

All that aside we go for a walk to explore Gloucester. You will note some of these photos are from our morning walk next day.

Looking back up the main street, which is The Buckettโ€™s Way from this point.

Could look wonderful with a restoration.

Back in the caravan park we find ourselves next to Carol and Peter from Wollongong. We chat away while Peter is chopping wood for a fire tonight. This eventuates in an evening sitting around the fire chatting about travelling and family life.

In the morning we ready the Jayco for the road, say our goodbyes to our neighbours and roll out of Gloucester on The Buckettโ€™s Way. As a post script The Buckettโ€™s Way is possibly the worst road we have driven on in the last 2 months.

Michael + Pam

Note: we will be visiting friend and family over the next couple of days so this will be our last post in this series, thanks for staying the distance.

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