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Stafford, England 2023

Date: 25th May 2023

Travelled: 175 kms, from Oxford to Stafford in Staffordshire   

Visited:  Stafford  

Stayed: The Red Lion Farm, Houghton. ยฃ22, N52.77807, W02.20261  

Budget: 3 days @ โ‚ฌ145 per day

The Red Lion at Old Marston is a favourite stop, there are no services, not even a bin. However the pub is very friendly and the carpark has plenty of room. We wander up to the bar at 6 for a round and relax catching up on a few emails as the wifi is free as well.

Itโ€™s another early night and where off to bed shortly after dinner. Although it was a quiet night, neither of us slept well, so a bit of jet lag we presume.

Next morning we head off for a walk around Old Marston, so some photos.

We escape Oxford and its perpetual traffic chaos for the M40. Four lanes of trucks intertwined with numerous fast moving Audi. The M40 a real pleasure compared with the M42 which circles Birmingham. This part of the motorway obviously built by the same Italian engineers who constructed the bridge in Genoa.

Once passed Birmingham we turn for the M6 and Stafford.

Stafford doesnโ€™t rate particularly well in our guide book but weโ€™ve come here to meet with a motorhome dealer who will sell the Hymer for us on consignment later in the year. He was recommended by our friends Rob and Krys. Our business done we drive into central Stafford finding a long parking spot at the Tesco and go exploring.

Stafford was founded in 700 AD, it grew to become a market town. Situated in the west mid-land it has a population of 71,000+. Itโ€™s much more laid back and easier to drive, park and walk than Oxford, thatโ€™s for sure.

Door of the Day

Weโ€™ve enjoyed our walk around Stafford but itโ€™s time to find a parking spot for the night. The Red Lion Farm has been recommended and itโ€™s only a couple of miles west of Stafford.

Well that was our day driving the mid-lands and exploring Stafford.

Michael + Pam

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