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William Wallace, Scotland 2018 ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

Date:  3rd July 2018

Travelled:  98 kilometres from Stirling to Edinburgh, both in Scotland.

Visited:  Willian Wallace Memorial in Stirling ยฃ7.65pp and the Falfirk Wheel, Falkirk.

Stayed:  Newcraighall P&R ยฃ.50 per day, just a bin.  N55.93298, W03.09262

Budget:  30 days at โ‚ฌ83 per day

Legs are a little stiff this morning after our Stirling Castle climb yesterday, but the William Wallace Memorial should loosen us up.

It was another quite evening in another almost free car-park in Scotland.  We have been on the road for 30 days and stayed in a campsite only once.  Scotland has proven to be a wonderful place to motorhome, there is always somewhere to park, always a toilet and we can find water very easily.

Our expences are slowly falling back towards our estimated budget, keeping Pam happy.

After coffee and fruit we ready the Hymer and head off in search of the Wallace Memorial.

We see a sign for the Old Bridge, turn and stop. In 1297 an English army started to cross the Forth here, seeking to conquer Stirling. When half the army crossed the bridge. Wallace managed to block the bridge and wipe out those Englishman that had already crossed.  He then set about destroying what was left.  The bridge in view was built in the 15th century.   I am standing on the marker that indicates where the original wooden bridge stood, when I took this photo.

Back in the Hymer we continue on a mile or so to the Wallace Memorial.  From the entry point we are taken by bus to the base of the monument.

Completed in 1869 the Wallace Memorial is special as it was prodominatley build from public subscription.  Itโ€™s spiral staircase of 246 steps does get the blood flowing
There are two galleries to look through on the climb to the top. Good to catch your breath.  Perhaps not as interesting as Mel Gibsonโ€™s personal life but interesting and very visual.
Claimed to be William Wallaceโ€™s sword or claymore, to use the Scottish term.

William Wallace has a status in Scottish history far larger than most.  Whilst he came from relative obscurity to lead a great army, go on to defeat the english at Stirling Bridge, he was lauded, betrayed and executed all within 10 years.  Wallace owned no lands, held no titles he just wanted the english out of Scotland which probably still rings true.

Finally at the top, the Wallace Memorial provides some fabulous views.

Just an interesting photo, you can work it out yourself.

Just as you suspected, Pam didnโ€™t want to take the bus back down. So we do a forest walk back. It takes about 30 minutes and pleasant enough.
Obviously not my idea.

Time to say goodbye to William and Stirling.  We are heading for Edinburgh today, but first we take a detour off the M9 for Falkirk.  The town of Falkirk stands on the junction of the two major Scottish canals, the Union and the Forth Clyde.  There was once a series of locks here, allowing boats to be raised or lowered the 115 ft required to pass from one canal to the other.  Apparently the locks had fallen into disrepair and a millenium project was established to re-unite the canals.  The Falkirk Wheel is the result.

Pam standing between the Kelpies, with the Falkirk Wheel in the background.  A kelpie is a scottish working horse, just so you have learnt something for today.
I know it looks like some futuristic monorail, but that is a tourist ferry moving along the raised canal to the wheel.
Here we are at the lower canal waiting for the next barge to be lowered. From going into the lock above, the cycle takes 5 minutes. I did video it, but itโ€™s a bit like watching paint dry.

One of the best things about the Falkirk Wheel is they have a big carpark with plenty of room for motorhomes and a tap.  As we need water, we fill up, both have a long shower then fill up again…mmm a long shower.

We rejoin the M9 and continue into Edinburgh.  Camper Contact shows a park-n-ride at Newcriaghall so we head there.  ยฃ.50 per 24 hours and two stops from Edinburgh/Waverley railway station, so it looks good.

Michael and Pam

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