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Mallacoota, Victoria ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 22-23rdNovember 2021

Travelled: 40 kms from Genoa to Mallacoota, Victoria. 

Visited: Mallacoota .  

Stayed: Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park, $38pd with all services. S37.55737, E149.75880

Budget: 5 days @ $0 per day.

Surprising we wake to a little sunshine this morning in Genoa. Our neighbours are still all here but as I look around there is movement and I see some people are packing up. Whilst the campground is only a 100 metres off the highway it was a very quiet night.

As usual Pamโ€™s up for a walk so we head off to find Genoa. A few hundred metres on we find ourselves staring at where the Old Genoa Bridge should be ?

The Genoa Tiber Truss and Concrete Bridge – built in 1928, restored in 1997 destroyed in 2019/20.

Instead we are looking at a large crane and several other machines and its obvious the bridge is being rebuilt. Why, goodness knows. (credit to Google images) So itโ€™s a long walk back up to the highway and around to Genoa.

Apart from its wooden truss bridge, Genoaโ€™s other claim to fame was its fruit fly inspection station that went to heaven in the 1960s. In any case there is a pub come post office and thatโ€™s about it.

Back in the Jayco we cook breakfast on the BBQ before packing up and making ready for the road once again. Most of our overnight neighbours have already departed as we turn back onto the Princess Hwy. Turning once again a couple of kilometres later for Mallacoota. Frankly the road is a bit of a shocker, mind you there is 10 kms of road works, so they are trying to fix it.

Without putting too much thought into it, we check into Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park, which has the best view of the water but is the most expensive as well. The place is huge, literally hundred of sites the park stretches for about 500 metres. The Jayco consumes the site 191 from front to back. The view is great but itโ€™s windy. The wind continues for the rest of our stay.

We spend the afternoon exploring the main street shops and walking the coastline taking in the views of the estuary and beaches. Then itโ€™s another night in, listening to the wind continuing to blow.

The wind continues in the morning meaning a visit to Gabo Island and the lighthouse is out this trip. Our fall back is riding out to the Mallacoota Bunkers and having a look.

The bunker museum complex is a very interesting hour or so visit. Lots of local marine history as well as the old RAAF radio station. Well worth the $5 entry fee itโ€™s a real credit to the volunteers who run it.

Rather than ride back on the road we decide to ride the coastal walking track back to Mallacoota.

The coastal track proves to be a real adventure, itโ€™s substantially longer but much more interesting than the road. Providing some great ocean views and a close look at some of the area devastated by the fires of 2019/20 fire season.

We spend the remainder of the day recovering from the ride. The wind persists into the late afternoon so getting the chairs out for drink isnโ€™t that appealing. There is a restaurant just up the street called Lucy, we wander up there and get the last vacant table. Itโ€™s a Vietnamese Chinese fusion type of thing, the food was very good and reasonably priced.

Anyway that was Mallacoota.

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