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Glen Innes, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 6th June 2021

Travelled: 98 kms from Tenterfield to Glen Innes  

Visited: Glen Innes, NSW.  

Stayed: Glen Innes Showgrounds, $25, all services.ย S29.74175, E151.74175ย 

Budget: 57 days @ $138 per day.

Damn it was cold this morning. I wake up and have a quick look out the window, everything is white so it looks like a heavy frost this morning. I quickly put the little fan heater on and get back to bed. After a doze the heater has taken the chill from the Jayco. I put the diesel heater on as well and get a coffee going.

After our coffee and fruit we ready the Jayco for the road. This only takes a couple of minutes, I suspected a frost this morning and put the water hose away last night, glad I did as the hoses and taps are all frozen solid this morning. We escape Tenterfield about 8.30 am with the GPS set for the showgrounds in Glen Innes.

We pull into a little rest spot in the village of Deepwater for breakfast in the sun. The Ivecoโ€™s thermometer tells us itโ€˜s a balmy 8ยบ degrees. Mind you the sun feels delightful as I whip up bacon and eggs on the BBQ. Breakfast done we tidy up and drive the last 50 kms to Glen Innes. Glen Innes has a population of just over 6,000 people. It was gazetted as Glen Innes in 1852, named after Major Archibald Clunes Innes who owned much of the original grant.

Map of Glen Innes our icon on the showgrounds

The showground campsite is only 3 blocks from Grey Street and cheaper than the caravan park so, a no brainer. The showgrounds themselves are classic country, the poultry shed the cattle shed a lovely heritage grand stand and a well kept oval. Itโ€˜s all very old and well kept except for the ammenities which are brand new. Settled in we have another coffee before walking off to explore Glen Innes.

Itโ€™s now 12 pm and Glen Innes appears to be closing up. Well it is Sunday after all. Walking up Grey Street we notice the sandwich boards coming in and people locking up. There are so many classic buildings to take in.

We walk back to the Jayco for lunch and a little rest. Come 2pm we unload the bikes and head off again. The cemetery is our first destination. Looking at google maps we cannot see the two step hills we need to climb to get there.

We spend an hour walking the cemetery, mind you the first 15 minutes is recovering from the ride up the hill. But itโ€˜s all downhill from here back into town. In town once again we pass some more notable buildings.

We make our way safely back to the Jayco and re-load the bikes. Time for a little R+R as the afternoon rush of motorhomes and caravans arriving continues. Looking at the dinner options we decide on a takeaway from a little noodle bar just down the street.

Apart from a chilly walk down and back the meal was excellent. Tomorrow weโ€™ll move on again.

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