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Byron Bay, New South Wales ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 15-18th April 2021

Travelled: Stationary in Byron Bay in NSW 

Visited: Byron Bay.  

Stayed: Glen Villa Resort Byron Bay, $50 per night, all services.  S28.64706, W153.61046


As caravan parks go Glen Villa Resort seems expensive but the sites are large, thereโ€™s shade and plenty of grass. Due to their Covid rules, they only allow two people in each caravan or motorhome so there are virtually no children running around. As Glen Villa is the most expensive campsite in town we donโ€™t have any Rastafarian neighbors playing bongos either.

If however you enjoy the bongos, Jonson Street is the place for you. You may be encouraged to convert by a young Hare Krishna on the corner or just as easily, step on some person sleeping rough.

We are not really the Byron types. If youโ€™ve never heard of Byron Bay Iโ€™ll expand a little. Byron claims to have the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Byron and the surrounding hinterland the most expensive property market in Australia outside Sydney. Many famous actors and would be celebrities from overseas as well as Australia have homes here. Itโ€™s something of a place to be seen.

Pam and her sister Jenny.

Byron is certainly a busy place, despite Covid and the lack of overseas tourist. The chicory cafes and kale restaurants are as full as a fairyโ€™s phone book. Unfortunately the famous beach has lost most of itโ€™s golden sand thanks to the recent storm events. The sea water is still carrying a lot of silt but it has cleared a little over the past few days. Mind you, given the history of shark attacks along the Ballina-Byron coast I wouldnโ€™t go in for a surf until the water was crystal clear. Lastly we hear on the local radio this morning that Byron has more homeless people per capita than any other shire in Australia..

All that aside Byron has some wonderful cafes, restaurants and pubs. On the recommendation of my daughter Alix we booked a meal at Kouzina. In the style of a Greek taverna, Kouzina is a couple of kilometres out of town in the industrial area which made parking relatively easy. Best Greek food weโ€™ve experienced since Megalochoriou and well priced at $50 per head BYO.

Byron has some excellent coastal walks and cycle paths. Couldnโ€™t climb all the way to the lighthouse but Pam made it a couple of times.

Best not forget, we were here in Byron for a wedding of Pamโ€™s nephew Matt. Matt and Becs wedding was a 40 minute bus ride away high in the hinterland of Byron. The wedding/reception venue was the Earth House at Clunes. The wedding was lovely to quote Pam.

Matt and Bec

Your know who

Anyway that was our four days in Byron, next stop Queensland…

Michael + Pam

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