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Lake Garda, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  26-27th September 2018

Travelled:  55 kms from Riva del Garda to Peschiera del Garda. Region of Veneto, Italy.

Visited:  Sirmione and Peschiera del Garda.

Stayed:  Peschiera del Garda, Sosta โ‚ฌ18, all sevices.  N45.43982, E10.68469

Budget:  116 days @ โ‚ฌ91 per day.

Another quiet night.  Yesterdayโ€™s wind continued overnight and it was a doona morning so we put the heater on for an hour.  Looking out the window, the motorhome waiting at the gate last night, is still there this morning.

We have our coffee and fruit, before packing up to depart.  Whilst we could easily enjoy the morning taking another walk around Riva del Garda, there is more to see and do at the southern end of Lake Garda.  Hopefully we may find a sosta thatโ€™s not so tightly packed  as well.

From Riva we head south along the lake.  According to the GPS the SS45B on the western side is the fastest route (lotโ€™s of tunnels).  However we take the more scenic SR249 on the eastern side of Lake Garda.
No traffic takes away the pressure…
Lots of nice houses line the road. Pastel colours the theme.  The traffic quickly builds what should be an hour to Peschiera del Garda is almost two.
Itโ€™s a slow drive, the road narrows suddenly here and there and the round-a-bouts all bank up.

We arrive at the sosta in Peschiera del Garda a little frazzled due to the traffic.  We find a spot and settle in.  The sosta is big and roomy, probably one of the best we have stayed in.  No views but good facilities and handy to the lower shore of Garda by bicycle or scooter. Our neighbour has a cat on a long lead, which indicates he is a bit odd.
After a calm me down coffee and relax we roll the scooter off the Hymer and make our way to neighbouring town of Sirmione. About 10 kms as the scooter rolls.

Sirmione is a lovely town, frankly a little touristy but a nice walk all the same.

In the back streets away from the gelato bars, we find the Church de Santa Maria Maggiore.  Circa 14th century.
Inside the church, this little chapel along side the altar caught our interest.
There are some interesting remains of frescos in places.
We walk to the far end of the peninsula, the views across Garda are worth a minute or two of our time.
The Grotte di Catullo is all that remains

We stop in a small piazza, sharing a fairly ordinary pizza for lunch over a glass of wine and a beer.  Luckily the view was nice and we were well away from the crowds and their dripping gelatos.

Suddenly we caught a glimpse of a couple of celebrities walking by.  Definately one of the Rolling Stones I thought.

Our afternoon is Sirmione complete we walk back to the scooter and ride back to the Sosta in Peschiera del Garda.

We start our second day in Peschiera del Garda with a walk.  From the sosta we make our way to the waterfront and walk along the promenade to town.

Another beautiful day on Garda.
A small marina and ferry terminal mark the start of Peschiera del Garda.
A very noble memorial to the fallen.
Some part of the old city ramparts remain.  The flowers set the scene.

Peschiera del Garda has a network of canals surrounding itโ€™s historic centro.

On the piazza Savola stands the Church of San Martino Vescovo, the series of garages without doors are the roman ruins.
I know your sick of churches, but here is a picture of the main altar anyway.
It seems every Italian town has some Roman ruins.  According to the story board the village of Peschiera dates back to 1,400bc as an iron age settlement.  But these ruins are dated 100bc.
Itโ€™s been a long walk. Pam goes into every shop for a quick browse. There are a lot of shops. I find a shop with some excellent Christmas presents for the Grandchildren, if we can get them through customs.

We eventually find our way back to the sosta and have a rest for an hour or so.  In the late afternoon we scooter back down town for dinner, something we donโ€™t often do.  Our tour of Italy is winding up soon and we should make the most of a warm autumn evening in a place as lovely as Garda.

Michael and Pam

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